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Board of Adjustment - Novel at White Fence Appeal

Planning Commission Case: AP-19-001
Appeal of Director's decision on review of Novel at White Fence Major Site Plan
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Comments From The Public
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I am a resident of Lakewood Estates Patio Homes and have lived in Lakewood since 1972. I loved that it was a bedroom community and you could get to any other part of the Denver Metro area very quickly. That is no longer true. With all the new housing construction you have permitted, I have lost my love of Lakewood. You have created and continue to create traffic gridlock that I would compare to the worst that exists in the Metro Area. And now you want high density at the White Fence Farm property. I am opposed to more multifamily construction in Lakewood. Someone is making a lot of money off of all of this construction and it is not to the benefit of the residents of Lakewood. Just stop it, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/15/2019 4:08 pm
Linda Raper
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There is a housing shortage so let it proceed. I think it is a reasonable plan with that much single-family density.

01/14/2020 10:48 am
Fred Trentaz
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Good Afternoon:

My name is Elizabeth Leder Sabo and I’m a resident of Lakewood, who lives in Lakewood Estates, which is across the street from the White Fence Farms redevelopment. Formerly, I served on my the board of my HOA, Lakewood Estates HOA Filing #1. As I cannot attend the Board of Adjustment Hearing, tonight 1/15/20, I’d like to submit my comments, so that the Board may consider them.

Unlike my HOA, I support a higher-density development for White Fence Farms. I am not in agreement with the opinion of Wildflower Patio Homes, which has legal standing to sue the City of Lakewood, or any other supporting HOA in the neighboring areas regarding the challenge of the City staff’s interpretations on height, density, and architectural character for the White Fence Farm redevelopment. I believe not only is the development as proposed proper, but it should be encouraged as a neighborhood that straddles the border of Denver. The staff was correct in my opinion on the standards it used in the new zoning code to determine the height and density of the proposed development.

We should be ushering in development in the City of Lakewood that fits into the 21st century and the changing demographics. Furthermore, I think this development would help my property value as it would be the highest and best use of the property and allow others to move into Lakewood from Denver and other surrounding communities, where those new residents would spend their hard earned money and create more business opportunities in Lakewood. Additionally, I think the concerns about increasing traffic are overblown.

Though the voices opposing the staff determinations are plentiful and loud, there are concerned citizens like myself who would like to see more density and more development in the City of Lakewood.

I urge the Board of Adjustment to reject the neighbors’ appeal and uphold the staff determinations.

01/14/2020 3:34 pm
Elizabeth Leder Sabo
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