Fox Hollow Golf Course Lease Refinance/New Lease Purch Agrmt

Item 7 - Ordinance O-2020-22 Concerning the Refunding of a Portion of Certain Outstanding Certificates of Participation, Series 2006A, and the Financing of Renovations to the Fox Hollow Golf Course Irrigation System; and an Annually Renewable Lease/Purchase Agreement Between U.S. Bank National Association, Solely in its Capacity as Trustee, and the City, as Leasee, Approving the Forms of Certain Related Documents, Ratifying Action Previously Taken in Connection Therewith; Authorizing a Supplemental Budget Appropriation of $[5,855,000]; Providing Other Matters Relating Thereto, and Further Declaring an Emergency



Staff Memo ( 0.32 MB )
REVISED Ordinance O-2020-22 ( 0.32 MB )
REVISED Ordinance O-2020-22 Redlined ( 0.13 MB )
Indenture of Trust ( 0.9 MB )
REVISED Indenture of Trust-Redlined ( 0.7 MB )
Lease Purchase Agreement ( 0.75 MB )
REVISED Lease Purchase Agreement-Redlined ( 0.18 MB )
Site Lease ( 0.36 MB )
REVISED Site Lease-Redlined ( 0.06 MB )
Escrow Agreement for 2006A COPS ( 0.41 MB )
REVISED Escrow Agreement for 2006A COPS-Redlined ( 0.22 MB )

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