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Item 4 - Small Cell

Item 4 - Presentation/Discussion - Small Cell


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I'd like to share a video podcast I recorded this week with Thomas Johnson, Chief Counsel at the Federal Communications Commission. Mr. Johnson published at op-ed in the Washington Post on June 4th titled "5G conspiracy theories threaten the U.S. recovery." This op-ed explains the FCC's position on the importance of 5G to the economic recovery following the pandemic.
Our video podcast explores the nature and motivation of the 5G Truther Movement represented in Lakewood by a group calling itself the "Lakewood Broadband Alliance." I explained LBA's activity around delaying the rollout of the small cells that are critical to the success of 5G, and he explained to me the FCC's position and involvement with 5G Truthers in the cities where they have a presence.
The podcast, titled "Attack of the 5G Truthers!" is available on YouTube:
It is also on Facebook at the High Tech Forum page:
It will be good for the council to know how the FCC views the need for cities to work with wireless network operators in a positive, constructive, and lawful manner.

06/28/2020 1:44 pm
Richard Bennett
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