Resolution 2019-29 - Submitting to the registered electors of the City of Lakewood at the Regular Municipal Election to be held on November 5, 2019, a ballot question that would authorize the City of Lakewood to provide waste hauler services by contracting with one or more private waste haulers via a competitive bidding process and to assess a fee therefor, pursuant to Section 30-15-401 of the Colorado Revised Statutes


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Resolution 2019-29

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I support putting this on the ballot.

Give Lakewood a chance to show that we care about our environment and want to do better.

08/26/2019 11:56 am
Heather Revanna
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I do not want the city to force residents to have a specific provider for trash services. In the literature the city has put out for us to review, it shows most households will be paying more, some significantly more, for services. It will not save money, the same amount of trips will be needed to pick up the trash, that will not change, only possibly the amount of days trucks are on the streets, but even then, it isn't a guarantee. It will take away the ability for consumers to use the continuance of their business for better service. I am totally against this type of government interference with our ability to make our own choices. People are saying that it is better in Denver with their trash pick up from the city, but that is something that is built into their property taxes and is a city run business. These options are not the same as what Denver has. We will loose our ability to keep our costs down and get good service if we give the city control of this decision.

The city needs to be more focused on issues it should take care of and be responsible for enforcing. For example, crime, just last night there was a shooting at the 1st and Wadsworth Walmart, the lack of patrols in neighborhoods to deal with speeding and running stop signs, the lack of response on dealing with expired license plates and out of state tags for people living in Colorado. These thing are important and could generate revenue for the city as well as making sure we are protected. Every day I see multiple cars with expired temp tags and if they aren't getting their plates correctly, do they have insurance? Our cars were hit by an unlicensed, uninsured driver parked in front of our house. That driver never showed up in court and was not found or dealt with legally. Why do we have to drive in our neighborhood and fear getting hit by people running the stop signs without any extra patrols. We have call multiple times and are told every time, there will be more patrols, but none have been seen during the times of busy traffic. Even if we had them periodically, it would help, but there are none.

The city does not need to start controlling our decisions in these type of things. Focus on keeping us safe and keeping crime down, not how many trash companies are servicing the city.

08/26/2019 11:31 am
Liz Amoroso
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I would like to see this issue on the ballot for voting this November. As a parent I am tired of seeing big trucks every day on my street, because my neighbors are using different haulers. The research from City staff shows that currently we only divert roughly 10% of our waste from landfills from our recycling efforts. The contract hauler solution is expected to increase that amount to 29%. We have to stop denying the science here, we need to be taking BOLD moves to mitigate our waste and increase our sustainability. This is not an issue about big government controlling your trash decisions, hopefully people have bigger things to worry about. This is an issue about taking steps, this being a seemingly easy one, to change the course of the climate CRISIS we live in right now. I want to vote on this in November, I don't trust the City Council to fully understand the scope of this, particularly after recent events including sharing with council and city staff false articles about climate change from members of Council.

08/26/2019 10:44 am
Jeslin Shahrezaei
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I really don't need Lakewood Sustainability replacing my present $16 a month pickup with compulsory recycling and a higher bill. We presently recycle at Quail Street for no charge- which generates a much cleaner and more valuable product than the proposed one stream for all. Their reporting requirements in the RFP also guarantee we will all pay more. Replacing all the present receptacles (even if compatible) with ones labeled City of Lakewood for about $425,000 is ridiculous. The new containers and a billing system is estimated at $1,200,000. It's strange that the compiled responses to the RFP are no longer available on-line. I've also noticed that we need more sustainability personnel to handle this new program and this will continue to increase. Recently the volume of waste removal truck traffic has been cut in half, so this is no longer a significant problem. The proposed ballot initiative sugar coats everything and fails to give any details. Please vote to delay this misguided program until after the November election.

08/26/2019 9:23 am
Allan Curtis
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We 100% support this effort to reduce the number of trash and recycling trucks on our streets each week. It is long over due. Please move forward to place this issue on the November ballet.

Steve & Jill Bosshart

08/25/2019 8:48 pm
Steven & Jill Bosshart
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Dear City Counsil:

Yes, please do submit this to the voters. I am IN FAVOR of contracting trash and recycling service to pre-approved and vetted providers. Even better: if the City were to take it in-house as a government service! City employees providing this vital service. Imagine that! No more middlemen who skim the profits off the top, pay their workers starvation-and-homelessness wages, and ratchet down service quality, because quality does not produce profits. Only exploiting workers and cheating customer, that results in true profit. 40 years of private-sector-is-awsome-government-is-bad cool-aid is just about 40 years too many. As for me and my family, we do not imbibe this treasonous rhetoric. Government rocks! I want publicly accountable employees to provide my trash and recycle service!!!! For profit and public service do not mix. The former always cheats over the latter. That's why this country is in the dumps. Praying at the altar of profit making ruins the public. The US is getting the third-world misery it deserves. Long live Norway, Sweden, Denmark and all other countries in which the collective takes care of the individual. Down with private profiteers. Down with Moscow Mitch and the Trumpster Scheissters. Long live the public sector.

08/25/2019 4:38 pm
Floy Jeffares
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I have followed this issue closely over the past several months/years and I must say I was VERY disappointed in the responses to the RFP.
1). I expected a cost savings, not to pay nearly double what I am paying now. Why are the costs so out of line with other cities and more expensive than we are paying now? No competition??
2). Special pickups for yard waste and other items. Twice a year for yard waste is woefully inadequate and most cities with centralized trash service offer several free pickups for large items.
3). With a centralized service it would be nice to have more convenient disposal of hazardous waste to keep it out of he trash. That is where I would guess most of it ends up under our current system.
4). Recycling—bringing more people who are not sufficiently motivated to recycle into the system seems like a bad idea. Will they properly clean their recycling or will they just throw everything in? I have seen many of the single stream bins awaiting pickup and they are not pretty! With the current challenges facing recycling and the purity required, single stream does not seem to be where it is at. Throw I. The fact we will be limited on our trash volume and the temptation to wish cycle to avoid extra charges seems likely.

In summary, I think there can be a better plan and the options we have on the table don’t seem good. Please consider letting the free market system continue to function and let us choose the trash and recycling solution that best works for our families.

08/25/2019 1:59 pm
Diane Sullivan
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I am very much supportive of adding waste options to our weekly trash pick ups. I'd love a compost service, and we really need a large scale yard waste recycler like we used to do at Rooney Road for limbs and other green items. about some education about not bagging grass, and incentives to reduce and recycle.

08/25/2019 12:08 pm
Samantha Cook
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Hi! I have been thinking some more about this proposal about the trash pickup vote. I want to let you know that I live in an HOA where part of our dues contains trash pick up expenses. I have been very happy with the trash pickup service for 16 years, and I am not at all interested in making changes to my trash pick up service. I follow the idea that if it is not broken, don't fix it. My neighbors are happy with the service as well. Is there any way, if one is in an HOA, that an HOA can opt out of the new trash pickup service? OR Like the health care option, can I keep our current trash pickup service? What will happen if the new trash pickup service is terrible? What recourse will we have? Will we have to wait until the contract is up to get a change in vendors? What happens if I wake up in the morning and find trash bags by my driveway, because someone has left them there, because they don't want to go over their weekly trash limit? (My brother said this is happening where he lives). Will the trash pickup people, on a weekly basis, be responsible for keeping track of the extra trash that I put out that is over and above my trash allotment? I ask this, because I have a lot of yard waste this week, because of the bad hail storm that we had last week. I will be putting out more trash than usual on my trash day this week. Will I get to see an accounting of my weekly trash to make sure that I am being charged the correct amount? What recourse will I have if I disagree with extra charges that are placed on my bill? These are just some of the questions I have that are in addition to the comments I have made in earlier feedback.

Please consider and reflect upon the questions and concerns that I have expressed in this comment and in prior comments. These are real issues that we will face if we go to a trash pay as you use system. With this system, i just think you are opening of a can of worms. As I said before, I and others are happy with our current trash services, and I am not at all interested in making a change.

08/24/2019 12:09 pm
Leigh Romano
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I understand there are 3 Districts open to bid as proposed, and that one Company may be awarded more than one District.

I would think only the largest Company can competitively bid - the Small Businesses don’t have the cost-effectiveness to bid economically, and if they ‘low ball’ to get the bid, they will soon be running in red ink for a 3 year term. You have found that the Companies who are NOT awarded a bid can be significantly impacted by loss of Lakewood Customers.

This is enabling a monopoly - those Small Businesses will be bought up or close.

Unless you can present facts to the contrary, this is a bad idea for Lakewood.

08/23/2019 1:50 pm
Gail Cartwright
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There is a huge gap in what the city needs and what is proposed for city-wide trash service. Yard waste is a major source of unnecessary trash that goes to the landfill. Not including an option for at least free drop-off of leaves, branches, grass clippings, and other yard waste for composting in our city is a major omission in sustainability.

A lot of people have reduced their generation of trash to less than a small grocery bag every two weeks. A lot of people recycle independently of their trash company. There should be options that accommodate these people and encourage others to reduce waste and increase recycling. Adding 10 gallon, 5 gallon, and 1 gallon trash container choices would help. And, the option to have trash every other week and recycling weekly would further encourage reducing waste and encouraging recycling.

The proposed Services/Price ranges will be a cost burden to a lot of people who follow a sustainable lifestyle. If the city truly cares about sustainability, these issues will be addressed and the ballot question will be modified. Otherwise, it appears that the city will be showing favoritism to a few large out of state trash companies over smaller local businesses. And, nothing will have been accomplished towards meeting sustainability goals.

08/23/2019 12:11 pm
Connie Mar
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We think this is a good idea but we would like the option of discontinuing trash service for a few months at a time and not having to pay for it.

08/23/2019 11:17 am
Robin Rocklin
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I fully support adding the proposed initiative to the ballot. As a community, we should be able to vote on a system that directly impacts our personal lives and environement. We need to evaluate options for increasing recycling and compost diversion from general waste streams.

08/23/2019 11:06 am
Cedar Blazek
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Certainly there are benefits. But unless the problems are resolved we want to keep what we have.

Lakewood is not Denver, nor an HOA. Homeowners lose choices in this “everyone pays for everyone” proposal.

Besides the additional charges within the contract, we’ll pay more when our ‘neighbors’ put their extra trash in or beside our bin to avoid paying their overcharges.

We don’t have a lawn service like many neighbors, so we have clippings every week. And if a severe storm takes down branches we can pay an extra charge for haul away or save them until the appointed yard waste pick ups included.

Certainly the season for Fall Leaves disposal is not covered by the length of the annual pick ups included.

Show us HOW to Recycle. Give us an INCENTIVE, not a stick. So many Recycle Centers receive so much incorrectly sorted material they would rather not receive it at all. China has stopped accepting our recyclables.

These problems are bigger than this proposal.

Like many others, our fees would almost double. Less service and fewer choices for twice as much money.

We agree with the comment - why not standardize delivery by UPS, USPS and FedEx? Or the number of lawn services roaring up and down the streets at all hours every day?

08/22/2019 2:44 pm
Gail Cartwright
9 / 11 Council Members have viewed this comment

The city should NOT be forcing our choice of trash service! The number provided are DOUBLE what I pay now. This is not the City of Denver. I purposely moved OUT of the City of Denver due to many issues with the way the city is run. There are far more important things that you need to focus on. Crime is always an issue. The crime spelling over from Denver is bad and needs more focus. The number of people that speed down residential streets and people that do not stop at stop signs should also be a priority! I have called at least a dozen times about almost being hit by someone that didn't even slow down for a neighborhood stop sign. I am told there is nothing they can do but increase patrols. I still have seen only the very occasional patrol in our neighborhood and never at a time when people are going to or coming home from work.
According to your numbers and the people I have talked to, the majority of us will be paying MORE for trash service. How is that a savings??? I have had issues in the past with poor service or property damage to vehicles by carless trash service. You are proposing to remove my ability to reward good companies with my business. By going with a forced service we will have no recourse for problems or bad service.
How will this reduce the majority of the trash traffic? No company can pick up the whole city in one day. You might save a minor amount of pollution, but the cost difference will far outweigh the savings.
If you force me to DOUBLE what I pay for trash, I absolutely have far less money to spend at businesses in Lakewood. I like to shop the local stores, but when I am forced to save every penny I will be doing business with more online stores. That will not be helpful to Lakewood's economy.
I DO NOT agree with this proposal and I am appalled that the city is trying to overreach in this way!
Thank you,

08/22/2019 9:40 am
Paul Amoroso
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Stay out of my life. Don't try to tell me who to do business with. I will vote NO.

08/21/2019 8:02 pm
Quentin Drager
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I am a fairly new resident to Lakewood (2014). I have gone through 4 trash collection companies and am now looking for #5. So far they all have done a terrible job and are very expensive for my social security budget. I try to recycle. I compost. I garden. And I know my small amount of trash still goes to the landfill. I do what I can to be a responsible member of this community. I will appreciate the city’s help to find reliable trash collection. I am in favor of this proposal so long as the fee is reasonable for my pocket. Thank you for letting me speak and for reading

08/21/2019 10:08 am
Elaine Sparrow
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Waste management efficiency would improve and pricing would be more competitive if the city contracted. PLEASE put it on the ballot. Golden and Denver already do this. We need to catch up.

08/21/2019 6:46 am
carrie bisantz
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I would love to have the city contract waste services. Demand based pricing on trash is a great way to divert trash from landfills. I also really like the yard pick up portion. Please do put this on the ballot as I would happily vote yes and hope others would too.

08/20/2019 5:02 pm
Lisa Boehm
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This is very anti-freedom of choice. The system is not broken, so why do you want to impose a fix? Granted, this could reduce cost for some citizens, but it is still anti freedom of choice.

Why should I have to pay the city fee if I want to hire my own company? That amounts to nothing but another tax and revenue generator for the city.

If I don't like the service chosen, I still have to pay the fee plus the cost of the service I choose.

This is not a big enough problem to impose a single provider that the city chooses.

It is my property and my trash. The city needs to keep its nose out of where it doesn't belong.

08/20/2019 1:19 pm
T. J. Mullen
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It is disappointing that City Council is putting this out for public vote. However if that’s the route we are going, then I definitely support moving this direction with our waste system. Lakewood’s waste diversion rate is dismal and this is a great way to improve access to the recycling/composting services that many of us want. I do hope there is a way to write into the contract that low income seniors and disabled who need the bin-return service will not be charged for this. Otherwise I think it’s a great idea all around.

08/20/2019 1:05 pm
Emily Zeller
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Fewer trash companies (but not a monopoly) would be great. I also received word that Waste Connections has taken over Pro-Disposal - see comments in preceding post. They instruct us to use PLASTIC bags. I have been trying very hard to reduce my plastic footprint. I use and re-use trash barrels, not single use plastic. I recycle. How absurd to try to recycle a small water bottle and then throw away a huge plastic trash bag! I wish we could put yard waste in a COMPOSTING pile.
Also, I think that a few times a year, Lakewood should send trucks around to collect the waste that is not allowed in regular trash. That is, the things that must be taken to Rooney Road. A few things are accepted at Ace Hardware, but where do we take our leftover medicines, broken LED bulbs, batteries, etc. ? Do we each have to make an appointment and drive to Rooney Road (and pay a $25 fee) to throw away a mercury thermometer? City government should make it easier to dispose of hazardous waste.

08/20/2019 11:18 am
Eve Simpson
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I want to add another comment -- I think everyone will need (or at least I will need) 6 to 8 FREE pickups in the fall for yard waste as the trees in my neighborhood do not drop their leaves all at once. There is quite a few weeks between the time the first trees drop their leaves and when the last trees drop their leaves. 2 free pickups each fall is not enough -- there needs to be more pickups --

08/20/2019 10:24 am
Leigh Romano
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I ask you NOT to implement a different trash pickup system that would have charges be based on weight or # of bags left by the curb. I live at the end of a cul-de-sac, and my neighbors rarely rake or pickup miscellaneous trash in their yards. So, the wind blows all of their yard waste and such into my yard. Every fall, I put out 40 to 45 bags of leaves and such (over about a 6 week period) for Waste Management to pick up -- perhaps 10 bags of which contain my own yard waste. I do not think it would be fair to charge me for all the bags that I put out for collection that contain my neighbor's yard trash.

Furthermore, THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, it may be windy on trash pickup day, and trash gets blown into my yard from my neighbors' yards and the trash collection truck. I do not think it would be fair to charge me for all the bags that I put out for collection throughout the year that really is my neighbor's trash.

I cannot afford to pay according to my usage, as I collect the trash for my neighborhood, not just my house. It is very rare that the trash I put out is completely my trash. Throughout the year, I have to pickup trash in my yard. But, especially in the fall, the trash that I put out is, for the most part, not my trash. If you implement this system of paying for usage, I would be forced to haul the trash bags full of trash that really belongs to my neighbors to some dumpster somewhere, so that I would only be charged for my usage.

Please DO NOT implement a new trash system. I cannot be the only one who will be penalized for living on the east side of the cul-de-sac or street that has trash blown into their yards.

08/20/2019 10:18 am
Leigh Romano
9 / 11 Council Members have viewed this comment

Please put this issue on the ballot this year. I would like to vote on this. I am very much in favor of city contracted trash/recycle service. On the street I live, we have trash trucks everyday except Mondays. It'd be great to have it just one day/week or 3 days/2 weeks.

08/20/2019 9:24 am
Matt Young
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What about LARGE volumes of yard waste? Those of us with +acre lots in old Lakewood have large trees and yards full of foliage and we need more than a diminutive "compost service." We need a robust yard trimmings program like that in San Jose, California, where the yard waste is piled in the street and picked up by a Transformer-like set of claws. Street sweeping follows on the day after.

Please add something to the contracted system that takes large-lot owners into consideration unless you want us storing our yard waste in HUGE piles waiting for the "no-fee twice-yearly yard waste curbside collection." Note that we currently pay $27.27 per month for recycling and trash removal. Until this last month, ProDisposal allowed unlimited trash cans of trash and yard waste. Now they are limiting us, but it still looks better than what the citywide contract may provide. We just got this new explanation of services in the mail from ProDisposal (now Waste Connections):

Your trash limit will be (1) 96GL container plus 3 additional bags with a maximum weight limit of 40lbs each.
(This can be substituted with customer's cans (up to 32GL) and cannot exceed the maximum weight of 40lbs ea.)
• If you do not have a 96GL container, your limit would be 6 bags or cans with a max weight limit of 40lbs each.
• This can be a combination of Household Trash and/or Yard Waste.
• Tree limbs must be bundled and cannot be any bigger than 4ft long x 2ft wide
• We do not guarantee customers cans due to damage or loss
• Each additional 96GL container is $3/mo
All Trash and Recycle containers will be left at curbside upon completion of service.

I'd like to know, "Has the city considered the needs of the owners of large lots? And if not, can they do so now and provide large-lot owners with more reasonably priced options than those I am seeing listed? It seems logical that if a company were to win a contract with the city that their prices should go down, not up. If this doesn't seem likely, we will have to vote "No" even though we like the idea of a consolidated system of waste collection.

Thank you.

08/20/2019 12:12 am
Lisa Rukstales
9 / 11 Council Members have viewed this comment

YES PLEASE put contract trash pick up on the ballot. I definitely support this. Thanks for getting to this point.

08/19/2019 8:56 pm
Dianne Wilkinson
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I have moved to Lakewood from Denver and have been appalled at the mediocre service and high prices charged to residents for waste removal here. Trash provider questions and complaints are common topics on Nextdoor & Facebook. I am more than happy to pay a City negotiated rate for trash and recycling services and would appreciate the opportunity to vote on this issue. I would also hope that the City of Lakewood would eventually consider offering composting services through a municipally contracted provider as well.

08/19/2019 8:06 pm
Melissa Horn
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Correct me please if I am wrong, but I understood it was the job of our elected officials - City Council - to make such decisions. There seems to be a trend by this Council to ask voters to make decisions of topics that are very complex. Is this too difficult politically for Council to decide by themselves? We would like to hear the opinions of our City Council first so we the public can make an informed decision.

08/19/2019 3:36 pm
Robert Eadie
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A contract that provides one or two trash haulers a substantial increase in business and therefore economies in efficiency and costs should result in lower costs for participants. Based on my review of numerous purchasing/contract proposals this is what I have observed.

I currently have Pro Disposal. Under their current pricing scheme we pay $23.33 per month. That includes recycling every 2 weeks and trash pick up equivalent to one 96 gallon can plus up to three additional 32 gallon cans per week.

Under this proposal equivalent service would cost $45-$61 per month, which at the low end is almost twice what we are paying now.

This doesn’t make economic sense to me at all. It seems that the citizens should benefit not be penalized by this proposal.

08/19/2019 3:02 pm
Larry Hall
9 / 11 Council Members have viewed this comment

I've been a resident of Lakewood for just over 4 years and plan to stay into my retirement which is in the distant future. In the event I can't make the August 26th meeting, I want to share my experience regarding city contracted trash pickup vs. privately contracted. The short version is that I STRONGLY SUPPORT having the city contract the services. I believe it will greatly improve the quality of service while widening the rate/service options.

In our 4 years in Lakewood, we've had two trash companies who both have done a great job - until they failed miserably. Republic was the first and while the phone service agents tried to be helpful when our pickup was missed, the next person up the line would never follow through. They did not come once for the missed pickups or even return calls which they said they'd do each time. After this happening for at least the 6th time, we looked for another company. The choices are really bad. No company had more than 2.9 stars out of 5 at that time. Seriously, what other industry has that low an average? We ended up with Lies who was bought by a company I can't even remember the name of. This past winter it seems it inevitably snowed on Wednesday, which was our pickup day. Anytime it snowed, they wouldn't come. Again, they did not once come for a missed pickup later in the week. We'll fire them this winter if it happens again, but we're down to only one or two other choices.

My husband previously lived in Denver which had city contracted waste collection and had outstanding service. I previously lived in Florida where all the cities had contracted waste collection and we always had outstanding service. They came immediately anytime there was a missed pickup and went above and beyond what was required of them. I truly believe the companies here receive a call and ignore it because they can afford to lose one residential customer. They can't, however, afford to lose the contract with a city and thus have to be more responsive. I had Republic service in Florida and they were vastly more responsive than they are here. I look forward to voting yes on this issue on the ballot!

08/19/2019 2:27 pm
Michelle Anthony
9 / 11 Council Members have viewed this comment

(1) Sustainability tells us that in the contracted hauling proposal, residents in each of the 3 city hauling districts will have bins that match, reducing unsightly mismatching containers on trash days (!) and helping enhance community identification(?). With the recent buy-outs and closures of companies, many residents have already been forced to buy the bins for their new hauling company. Is the City truly going to go ahead with the plan for matching communitywide bins? That would send tons of existing bins to the landfill, if residents could even persuade haulers to take them! And if the City says it's okay to use your previous company's bins, isn't that bin cost now built into company bids and will just mean extra profit for haulers?

(2) The City saw that garage return of bins is a favorite and sometimes necessary service. Bids for this extra service came in at an extra $7 to an extra $50. So if there's a different hauler in each of the 3 hauling districts, which district gets to be the lucky duck with the tremendously more expensive bin-return service? There are elderly and handicapped people throughout the city who want or need this service.

(3) Pro Disposal has changed hands, but it still allows me to use my own bags. I don't want huge bins and the need to find a place near the driveway where I can store them and roll them to the street that will still wear a path in the sod before I can reach the driveway.

(4) Huge 96-gallon bins, whether the mandatory recycling bins or a necessary-volume choice for refuse, cannot fit in garages so they must be stored outside. The sight of these bins next to garages brings worse UGLINESS to neighborhoods than the situation that exists now.

(5) As mentioned in a city council meeting, it may take years for residents to stop contaminating recycling loads with food and debris, whether by ignorance or intent. Meanwhile, residents have taken all this effort to separate, (often) wash, and roll out their recyclables, but many recyclable loads get contaminated and everything ends up in the landfill anyway. And residents have been forced to pay for that privilege.

(6) If residents are forced to store refuse bins outside garages (because they won't fit inside), residents will see more wind-caused and wildlife-caused pollution. Lovely. We'd have to try to raccoon-proof those bins, and raccoons are nothing but clever. Right now, our refuse is safely enclosed in the garage inside conventional garbage cans, harming nobody.

08/19/2019 1:50 pm
Denise M. Luepschen
9 / 11 Council Members have viewed this comment

I am opposed to paying for mandatory recycling and mandatory trash services. To make recycling services mandatory for home owners to improve your diversion rates to make the city look good, isn't a reason to raise the cost of living for people or to manipulate their behavior to achieve a particular social goal.

You need to have exceptions.

The “one size fits all” proposal doesn't work and can hurt the most vulnerable among Lakewood's population. You just can't keep increasing the cost of living for people living in their own homes, retired, on fixed incomes, living alone, disabled, or only part year residents (think “snowbirds”).

Many subsets of the population, like me, have ways of recycling and trash disposal that cost them little to nothing. Many recycle and handle their trash and recycling through other means in order to save money. These means can be through sharing services with a neighbor or family members. Many handle their collection through their own business.

Make recycling and trash services voluntary and an opt-in. You are skipping over HOAs that contact separately.

I suggest you realize that certain populations need to be part of the exceptions.

08/19/2019 1:36 pm
Laurie Graves
9 / 11 Council Members have viewed this comment

As I've followed the previous discussions surrounding this topic, I agree with the majority of Lakewood residents who do not like the high number of trash trucks running through the neighborhood several days a week. I also do not like that trash companies charge individuals more for trash removal than would be charged with a city contract. I have been an unwilling participant in the pricing games that the trash companies play.
I favor the city entering into a contract with trash hauling companies. I grew up in Englewood where the city controlled the trash pick-up. I also lived in Denver where the city was involved in trash pick-up. It really is an efficient way for residents to deal with their trash.
I favor putting this issue on the ballot. I would vote to support the city's management of the trash hauling contract.

08/19/2019 1:30 pm
Glenda Sinks
9 / 11 Council Members have viewed this comment

The city of Lakewood is failing in providing safety for their citizens. Crime has increased significantly in the last ten years. Lakewood has one of the worst per capita crime rates in the state of Colorado. Pepole don't even pay attention to traffic laws, always speeding and running red lights and stop signs. Go through the neighborhoods and you'll see that a number of vehicle don't even have Colorado plates. So my question is, If the City of Lakewood can't perform the primary funtion of providing safety for it's citizens why the hell are are they getting involved in trash collection?

If the City Manager and the Safety Director need something to do (other then empire building, i.e., getting involved in trash collection) why don't they concentrate on managing the number of people they currently have working for them and get rid of the wasteful spending, (like having one police officer per car and having three or four police cars showing up for a single tracic incident, or having the lawn mower people in the parks sitting on their tractors talking to their friends on their i-phones when they're suposed to be cutting grass).

What are you considering next, limiting the number of home delivery services (UPS, FedEX, USPS) operation on Lakewood streets. I wouldn't put it past the present administration, after all these trucks have the same impact on pollution and safety as due the trash collection vehicles. I might add that I see the UPS, FedEX and USPS trucks on adaily basis tow or three times a day vs. seeing the trash trucks only once a week.

The trash companies should get together and file a restraint of trade law suite against the city of Lakewood and the ten other cities who have gone this route.

08/19/2019 1:27 pm
Wayne Rosala
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After Pro Disposal was sold, yes, I want the residential trash collection services on the ballot November 5. Unlike the man that said the wanted to postpost it for one year, (I saw the last City Council, August 12 at home, I want to vote on it this year.) Remember, I want the cans brought up after they empty it.
Thank you,
Carol Lally

08/19/2019 1:05 pm
Carol Lally
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I am so happy and supportive of this initiative! Thank you. Get those multiple trash trucks off our streets! I love that composting is included!

08/19/2019 12:32 pm
Lois witte
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