To Rezone a Portion of Land Located at 6045 W. Mississippi Ave., Lakewood, CO, 80226, County of Jefferson, State of Colorado


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I am against changing this zoning. It is essential to maintain pockets of rural areas in our community.

09/05/2019 6:51 pm
Lenore Herskovitz
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City Council,
I want to give my view of the proposed zoning change having lived in the neighborhood for the last 30 years and at my currant address for 11. Personally I don't think this fits the adjacent neighborhood from Sheridan to Pierce. This density doesn't fit the neighborhoods character. The neighborhood is an oasis of rural horse property and longtime residents with large lots who are happy there's still a place like this in the city. This is the reason I chose to live here.
The addition of the new W. Kentucky street extension west of S. Harlan will make an already dangerous intersection worse. If done, there will be three street outlets onto S. Harlan St. in close proximity. This intersection is at the bottom of a hill that induces higher speed in both directions. This is a low visibility location. Accidents are frequent. A car pulled out in front of a motorcycle recently with sad results. There are no sidewalks on S. Harlan St. north to access Dean Elementary or Ray Ross Park. If children live in the new development they will have to navigate a neighborhood that's not pedestrian friendly to the north and to the east. This danger will increase the need for parents to drive kids to school and the park, adding to traffic in the area. I walk S. Harlan St. north of Kentucky and it's a risk to have cars passing a few feet away with nothing but white line separation. South Harlan St. is narrower in that location with little shoulder area. At the top access to the property on W. Tennessee Ave. the width of the street with resident parking on both sides doesn't look sufficient to handle 80 plus cars passing through safely. Please drive by and look. At high volume times of the day it's already an obstacle course. The intersection of S. Harlan St. and W. Tennessee Ave is steep as Harlan approaches Mississippi. Again, low visibility. The hill with it's northern exposure can be a sheet of ice in winter. More congestion will make safely navigating this area more difficult.
A homeowner at S. Harlan St. and W. Kentucky Ave. on the west could have his living situation upended with the new street going by his property. I've talked to residents of S. Harlan Way and beyond. There are few that agree this zoning change is a good idea or that it fits the neighborhood. Blocks away there are some who don't feel as strongly opposed as it doesn't affect them and they don’t know the details as nearby residents do. The reality is that this is a landlocked piece of property that's going to take a lot of infrastructure improvements to make sense. One planning change that could make sense would be to have street access to the property at W. Mississippi instead of W. Kentucky.
At the neighborhood meeting residents stated they don't want a wall of 2 story houses 15 feet behind their back fences. Residents of S. Harlan Way are concerned about the privacy impact of rear facing decks looking down on back yards. I didn't see anything addressing privacy in this regard to the variance. The variance states single story homes on the east side next to the existing homes replacing two story. The single story home height maximum is 28 feet while the two story maximum is 35 feet. In other words the single story home is not much improvement in preserving any view, with rooflines 7 feet lower regardless of the 20 foot setback variance. Neighbors on S. Harlan Way feel strongly about the view to the west and their privacy. Some are in their later years and are faced with losing these benefits.
I looked west when visiting up Harlan Way last week and now there's a nice view of the front range. The Weir Gulch area with its large cottonwoods is home to coyotes owls, eagles, and other wildlife that pass through. There are other possible uses for the land if not the original zoning. Trails and nature amenities that follow Weir Gulch that continue to Belmar park would keep horses off the streets and add to recreational opportunities. This is a chance to preserve the rural character of the neighborhood and stop the patchwork of high density. With everything considered, the zoning should be left as is.
Thank you for your time.

Russell Rendler

09/05/2019 12:46 pm
Russell Jerome Rendler
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I oppose the request to rezone 6045 W. Mississippi. Jefferson Gardens has established itself as a neighborhood with large lots with rural use. This is not a historic zoning but represents the active use of these properties by animal owners and gardeners. Amazingly, this active rural usage has increased rather than decreased over the 30 years I have lived here, with horses coming down the street every day, and donkeys and peacocks waking me each morning.
This enclave of large lots is an asset to Lakewood as a whole. Folks from other neighborhoods report to me that they detour down our street to view the horses and enjoy this peaceful little retreat from urban and suburban surrounding. The current R-1 zoning of 6045 W. Mississippi remains appropriate for this property as a part of this neighborhood.

Thanks for supporting our neighborhood.
Marty Dawley

09/05/2019 11:13 am
Martha Dawley
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I support the rezoning request for the property at 6045 W. Mississippi from R1-43 to R2. I believe that the addition of single family residences in this area will be a good use of this property which has been vacant for many years. It would be far better land use than a commercial development might be. Although the zoning would be R2, it seems that only 30 to 38 lots are planned so the density would fit in with surrounding uses. It also appears that the applicant has tried very hard to work with the neighborhood to address concerns.

I am a member of the Greenbrier-Cloverdale neighborhood organization and live very near this property. I look forward to seeing a residential use for the property which is NOT high density.

Thank you for your consideration of my comments.
Lorna Fox
1133 S. Eaton Street
Lakewood, CO 80232

09/03/2019 4:17 pm
Lorna L. Fox
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