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In the past I have sent letters of our concerns that the City not allow AirBnB/BnB homes in Lakewood. I am against allowing short-term room rentals (BnBs) in the city.
The following are still my concerns:
My biggest concern is for the safety of residents living in a neighborhood where a home has turned into a short-term rental. The constant change of renters brings concerns for the safety of the permanent owners on the block. With the constant change of renters, it is hard to know when to be suspicious of slow driving cars, people walking the block, dogs not on leash, etc.
My next concern is that the owner be required to live on the premises overseeing the happenings of their BnB.. If there is not a full-time owner on premise who is to oversee what is going on and to answer questions from the neighbors. Who do we turn to for help or report suspicious actitity, concerns regarding happenings that may be going on that premises?
Another concern is that often the renters are arriving later, at night. Often going to the wrong house trying to gain entrance.
Off-street parking spaces should be required for the renters?
Our particular block has been a quiet block of owners and full-time renters for many years, since 1969 when we moved into our home. This area was coded a residential, not business. Are businesses now allowed open shop on our block or in the immediate area? It seems so as the BnB is in operation to bring in an income.

By allowing this BnB to operate does this mean we will be rezoned "business" not residential?. If an owner doesn't live in the home and is collecting rental fees for the rental of their of a room, it seems that it then becomes a business. Is this BnB paying local or state taxes as a business would be required to do?

It seems at one time that there was a plan to collect fees for a license to do business as a BnB, but not collect taxes. When you rent rooms in your home on a short-term basis it becomes a business as you are making a profit from these rentals. This would be considered income, therefore taxes should be collected.
The ultimate concern is that there doesn't seem to be respect for residents who have resided in Lakewood for many years, paying taxes. We bought on this block as it is a one block street. We wanted the safety of less cars driving on this street for our children, and the fact that this "was" a residential neighborhood. That certainly has changed since the house in question has turned into BnB individual room rentals.
Thank you for listening. If this was happening on your block and directly affected you and your family, you may have a different attitude about BnBs.
FYI: On our particular block, in the past two years, there were many incidents where Bnb renters have tried to enter homes other than that of the specified address of the (illegal) BnB. They seemed to be confused as to what house is available, suspicious activities, including one of the renters standing looking into our home at 1:30 in the morning. He quick ran off when I tried to confront him. He ran to the BnB.
Can you imagine setting in your home and your door is being opened or tried to be opened by people carrying suit cases when you are not expecting any visitors, or looking outside and seeing one of the renters standing staring into your home? How would you feel? There is cause for fear. Fear that does not need to be happening. I now keep all my doors locked at all times. People who live on the block for any length of time usually get to know one another. This doesn't happen when renters only stay a few days..
There is a concern that my concerns are not being addressed. I have not received any notice, letters, or calls. Just a notice that the "case has been closed."
Concerned Lakewood resident; resident since 1969,
Linda and Jim Neel

1619 South Zephyr Court
Lakewood, CO 80232

09/23/2019 12:04 am
Linda Neel
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