Clearwater Dog Training Special Use Permit

Case: SU-19-001
Request for a special use permit to allow for animal care in the MNU zone district


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I have known Gina 20 years and have worked with Tom 6 years. I do Volunteering once a month for the last 4 Years. I'm an Agility Specialist for 18 years and I believe in their training and have added it to my practice. They get along with any Dog and their Handler. I look forward to the growth they can add to the Families that need them in a busier Lakewood location. Cindy Bennett

11/11/2019 6:56 pm
Cynthia Lynn Bennett
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I'm a current client of Gina and Tom, and would like to leave a note of positive experience for them. They've helped train my dog and me as a pet owner over the past five years through both individual and group classes. They're exemplary trainers that care deeply about improving their clients' relationships with their pets. They've always been very helpful, professional, and respectful business owners, and I believe they would be a positive addition to this neighborhood.

Thank You,
Jarrod Reimer

11/11/2019 5:00 pm
Jarrod Reimer
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Clear water training is very community focused.
They are an asset to dog lovers.

11/10/2019 2:36 pm
Connie Martin
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I have had several dogs throughout the years and have gone back to Clearwater Dog Training time and time again. Their caring and compassionate way of training both human and canine behavior is second to none.

11/10/2019 7:58 am
Gayle King
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I was at my wits end with my 2 Chihuahua mixes when a neighbor suggested going to Tom and Gina for help. Even though they are quite a ways away from where we live, we gave it a try.

Lo and behold, my 'wits end' attitude was the primary problem, not my dogs. Once I was retrained, my dogs are falling in line very nicely. I really needed Tom and Gina's common sense and kindness to help us through, along with weekly group training for socialization.

Tom and Gina help and care. That is a wonderful addition to any neighborhood.

11/07/2019 7:57 am
cindy sutfin
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Clearwater Dog Training, Gina and Tom are incredible dog trainers! My two German Shepard's were/are both training with them. Both Shepard's started their training as soon as all their vaccinations were complete, so about 12 weeks old. Their way of training is with compassion and love, of course treats are a huge part as well.
When others see me with my dogs, they always comment how well behaved they are. This wouldn't of been possible without Clearwater Dog Training.

My wish is that, in order to own a dog, they "must" have obedience training........we would have much happier dog owners and dogs in this world.

Tom and Gina run a very kosher, family oriented and friendly business at Clearwater Dog Training. This would be a wonderful asset to the city of Lakewood, no doubt!

11/05/2019 3:19 pm
Cherene Gamber
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I heard about Clearwater Dog training from a friend when I was searching for somewhere to get training. After meeting with Gina, I registered for the 1 on 1 training and group classes. That was 3 years ago. Now I have 2 dogs and we all go to the group trainings as it helps me in learning how to deal with different situations and helps my dogs to be better socialized around both dogs and people.

Having to break up a dog fight at a community dog park, where my friends dog was pulled from her arms by a pit bull, I learned both my dog and I had suffered the trauma of the event and Clearwater dog training was able to help us work through the fear and feel more confident and in control around other dogs again.

I would be lost without their support and training.. They are very skilled in working with all kinds of dogs and their humans.

From difficult dogs to puppies the number one concern is for the safety of all animals and their class structure reinforces this belief.

I have referred several people to them that have asked about my dogs and their training and will continue to do so as I believe in what they do and their methods of training.

11/05/2019 2:56 pm
Deborah Martin
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I’ve trained several dogs with Clearwater Dog Training. I’ve been a client of this company for over 15 years. Gina, the owner, is professional and knowledgeable. She has extensive experience with training and runs a clean and smooth company. She will be an assist to any community

11/05/2019 2:35 pm
Laurie Stoessel
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I have known Gina and Tom for 10 years and know them to be honest, dedicated people. They have helped me train two of my German Shepherd Dogs and trained me as well! They would certainly be a great addition to any community.

Nancy P.

11/05/2019 6:20 am
Nancy Phares
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Clearwater Dog Training will be a great business for this area of Lakewood and we hope that this building becomes their new home! We support their application fully!
I stumbled upon this application when checking in on Lakewood Speaks, I'm glad I did! We received training from them 11 years ago and our wonderful dog, is living his best life because they helped integrate him into our family after being rescued.

11/04/2019 1:26 pm
Cindy Pedrioli
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Gina and Tom of Clearwater Dog Training have trained 4 of our German Shepherd Dogs over the past 15 plus years. They are extremely dedicated, diligent and respectable trainers. They truly care about the dogs and their owners. Clearwater Dog Training would be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood.

Cindy B., attorney

11/03/2019 12:54 pm
Cindy S. Birley
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