Item 13 - Resolution 2019-51 Establishing Certain Sewer Fees for Customers of the City of Lakewood Sewer Utility


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We have been working with Vince Casteel since 9-25-2019 regarding the inaccurate billing from the City of Lakewood for sewer utility in The Villas community. To date there has been no resolution to the issues we have brought forth. Our investigation began when a majority of homeowners received an almost $20.00 increase for the billing period 5-28-19 to 7-28-19. Approximately 2 years ago this same scenario occurred with various homeowners sewer costs tripling! We have spent countless hours supplying the City with the necessary information to look into and correct this problem. We are aware the billing is based on estimated wastewater discharged from the property. Here is a brief summary.

There are 71 homes in our community on the Lakewood Sewer system, 74 homes are on the Alameda system. Of the 71 homes on the Lakewood system 16 of those homes have had NO increase to their sewer charges in over 10 years! For over one year now, at least 3 homeowners have not even received a bill from the City of Lakewood for sewer utility. When polled for our research after the 5-28-19 to 7-28-19 billing period, 3 homeowners stated their sewer charges had actually went down. If the billing were accurate and equitable an increase in rates would possibly not be needed. In conclusion, if there are 20 plus homes in our small community that have not received an increase in over 10 years, have not been billed for sewer utilities in over a year, or received a reduction in their sewer utility charges; how many other communities and homes served by the Lakewood Sewer system have these same issues and are not being charged correctly? The current billing system is neither accurate nor fair.

Before raising rates again the City of Lakewood needs to re-evaluate the current billing system by conducting an audit.

12/06/2019 10:41 am
Kendra Homola, Architectural & Grounds Chairman for The Villas
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