Item 10 - Resolution 2020-7 Defining "Blighted" as Used in Chapter 14.27 of the Lakewood Municipal Code Concerning a Building Permit Management System Using Allocations for New Dwelling Units and Establishing Rules and Procedures for Requests to Designate Property as Blighted


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Resolution 2020-7

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I support the approval of Resolution 2020-7.

01/27/2020 11:23 am
Michael Lupomech
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January 25, 2020

Mayor and Council members,

I will not be in attendance to this council meeting on Monday as I no longer can sit in that room and listen to the rude comments made by citizens toward city staff. The initiative 200 was voted on and it has to be dealt with but it does not have to be the only subject for council to work on. It is sad that the hard working staff members of this city are referred to as if they are there to corrupt the running of the city they work for.

My neighborhood organization has worked for a number of years with a developer who came in to clean up a portion of our area with expensive development. We had a 20-Minute Walk study done (most of you probably have never heard of this except for Sharon) and the study showed that the 10th and Sheridan area was lacking in the infrastructure that was needed to improve the neighborhood. Trailbreak Partners came in and are working on cleaning up the stretch on 10th Avenue and 11th Avenue. We have new younger residents in the area, cross streets being put in, sidewalks installed, a drainage area cleaned up and made into a park and now council is working on stopping the momentum of this project because of the 200 initiative. There are citizens that voted to slow progress but all this is doing is making Lakewood a place not to improve. As a Two Creeks resident for many years, I ask that this development be completed.

When you have to listen to those rude citizens demanding that this city stop any forward thinking, remember that they have no idea where this development is being worked on nor do they care. If I was looking for a place to buy a home and raise a family and then went to watch a City Council meeting, this would be the last place I would pick for my family.

Kathi Hasfjord
Resident of Two Creeks since 1974
Two Creeks Neighborhood Org. board member
WCCA board member
Volunteer for the City Clerk’s Office since 2005

01/26/2020 8:10 am
Katherine L Hasfjord
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