Ordinance O-2020-4 Amending Section 3.04.090(A) of the Lakewood Municipal Code to Allow Construction Projects to be Awarded up to $10,000 without Competitive Quotes


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I believe that raising the amount to 10k leaves out minority businesses. Bids are necessary and good for our city and minority business. This would be a bad idea for Lakewood.

02/23/2020 5:08 pm
Peggy Ralph
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This puts all the small and minority business at a disadvantage that want to do business with the City of Lakewood.
By using the competitive and transparent system strengths our communities.

We would be sending a strong message to the metro area cities that we in the City of Lakewood are" Inclusive and An All American City "

I am asking the council to take a strong look at our values and vote NO.

Thank You

02/23/2020 4:17 pm
Pete Roybal
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