Ordinance O-2020-2 Rezoning Land Located at 3900 S. Wadsworth Blvd. and 3939 S. Teller St., Lakewood, CO 80235, County of Jefferson, State of Colorado


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Will you install a stop light at the intersection of Teller and Mansfield? Are you concerned about additional traffic on both Teller and Mansfield?

02/22/2020 7:52 pm
Samantha Lumley
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My name is William McColm and I live at 3936 S Wadsworth Blvd #304, Lakewood CO 80235. Why is there another meeting about resining this property? Nothing has changed or improved since the first public hearing on this matter. The students and parents of CCS and ACA drive as if Teller street is their private road and ignore the stop signs. I have chosen not to renew my lease because M-F for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon Teller street is inaccessible due the traffic jam of ACA parents that reaches beyond the intersection of Mansfield Ave & Teller St. The applicant is unwilling to allow the schools to use the lot in question for parking during sporting events so all the cars are parked on Teller which makes the street unsafe with cars parked on Teller obstructing view of drivers. The applicant has not once removed snow from the sidewalks surrounding the lot in question meaning this stretch of sidewalk treacherous to impassible. I am a resident of the Windsor and Pinehurst apartment which does not have enough parking and so teller street is filled with parked cars every night. The apartments are not yet full so the number of cars parked there each night will only increase. The area absolutely cannot support any more residences. There are coyotes, great horned owls, skunks, raccoons and many other smaller animals that reside in this area and rezoning will endanger them all. Please stick to your guns and disregard the rezoning request as you did in September. Thank you all for your time.


William C. McColm

02/22/2020 7:04 pm
William McColm
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I am a Colorado native and have been a resident of Lakewood for nearly 20 years. The lack of affordable housing is an issue in basically every part of the Denver metro area and it would only make sense to address it with the project at 3900 S Wordsworth. Not only would this offer relief to families looking to live here it would help cut down on peoples commute to and from work - which in turn help reduce traffic and pollution. Instead of always listening to the vocal minority how about doing what is best for the ENTIRE community. Taking the jobs and taxes this project will generate into consideration this seems like a win-win in a logical sense.

02/21/2020 1:57 pm
Daniel Goble
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I am a health care provider in an Assisted living community in Lakewood. I have worked for my company for years and don't see myself ever leaving. Because of the housing market I am unable to purchase a home, especially in the Lakewood area. It would be such an opportunity to purchase a home, especially close to work.

02/21/2020 1:11 pm
Jillian Walls
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As a person who works a care giving position in the city of Lakewood and had to drive from near Buckley Air force Base to Lakewood 5 days a week is a challenge. It would be nice to have affordable housing close to were i work.

02/21/2020 1:05 pm
Brittnie Haynes
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Dear Lakewood City Counsel,
I have lived on the west side for 20 years and now that I am close to retirement, my wife and I are looking to possibly downsize. We would like to stay in the Lakewood area versus moving south or into Denver, but we are struggling to find newly constructed condo options. This new development at 3900 S. Wadsworth Blvd. and 3939 S. Teller Street looks interesting as a possible fit for us. It looks like the type of housing that we are seeking and will allows us to remain in the neighborhood that we know well. Please seriously consider approving the rezoning so that a project that is strongly needed in Lakewood can take place.
Dave Norwood

02/21/2020 11:30 am
David Norwood
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Dear Council Members,

I would quickly like to give you my background. I am a native to Colorado, was raised in Lakewood and still live here today. I am also a Realtor and I have watched the city I have loved for over 40 years become almost totally unaffordable for the average family, I can see it from a professional level that some may not be able to. My parents purchased a home in the 80s here in the city that was modest but put us in some of the best schooling that Jeffco had to offer at the time. Please take into consideration the young professionals and families that simply want to bring their children up in the same areas they also grew up in without being forced into wasteful spending on rentals. These types of homes can help give young people the ability to build a lifetime of happiness (because Lakewood is wonderful!) and help them put their hard earned money into their investment, their home!

02/21/2020 10:44 am
Kristie Ann Martinez
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Dear Council Members,

I'm considering moving my mother to Lakewood as she cannot afford Denver any longer. Our family used to live/work on the west side and loved it. I've been looking for a newer home or town home and cannot find anything in her budget. This location would be ideal for us and our ability to visit her. Please consider expanding the options for people wanting to be on the west side.

02/21/2020 10:23 am
Russel Schmucker
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Years ago I worked in the Academy Park area and also had several family members graduate from Colorado Academy. In my opinion the proposed rezoning and development in this area would offer more affordable housing for younger individuals and families, which is not easily attainable currently in the City of Lakewood.

02/21/2020 10:21 am
David Johnson
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I live and own my business in Lakewood. I have been trying to encourage several of my close employees to purchase in the city and I feel I am obligated to reach out for them as much as I am for myself to make sure I maintain loyal employees all while providing for my family. The biggest concern for housing in the area is it is full of either overpriced apartments that they cannot afford, or older homes that require remodeling and other expensive improvements to live in. They are driving from Denver, Aurora, and even further when they want to live here where they already work. We need more options that are affordable for the typical residents, like condos and townhomes, not apartments and it appears this project provides just that. I will look to attend the hearing in person if my schedule allows. I appreciate the time.

Thank You
Mike Jordan

02/20/2020 1:40 pm
Mike Jordan
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Hi all,

I've participated in previous council meetings regarding this proposed rezoning and developement project for the site. I'm a recent graduate from Colorado State University, and I've been born and raised in the immediate area surrounding this proposed project. My wife and I have been looking for an affordable 2-3 bedroom home/townhome in this area so we can stay close to both of our families. Due to spiked housing costs all over the Denver Metro region, our living preferances are quite out of reach. The proposed rezoning and developement project would give myself, as well as many others like me, the opportunity to live in participate in the communities that they grew up in, without having to sacrifice a way of life. It help keep people intregrated within the community that want to see it prosper and develop socially and economically. With a lack of affordable options for young, developing individuals and families, there is continually a demand for housing products like this.

02/17/2020 11:23 am
Maxwell Marcum
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Hello Council members,

This is a first for me as I am a recent home owner in Lakewood as of 2018 but I drove by the hearing sign yesterday and felt I needed to share my opinion. When I see a proposal like this come to the table for more affordable ownership opportunities, it hits home for me and I pray that others my age do not have to experience what I went through. I was originally looking to purchase new, hoping for a 3 bed condo or townhouse but there was just nothing available. After probably 5 months of searching I settled on a 65 year old 2 bed house that was luckily remodeled in 2015. I couldn't afford a brand new house and had to compromise on size, location, and even the type of house I wanted. I currently live next to some older apartments where I deal with criminal activity on a regular basis now. All I can say regarding this hearing is that I am extremely disappointed that there weren't more options available to me to purchase when I was looking to buy. All that seemed to be built at the time were new apartments for rent or new million dollar houses for sale (which majority of us obviously can't afford). I was very eager to have a new, energy efficient home that was maintained by an HOA but instead I ended up with my detached house that I maintain on a daily basis just to keep it from falling apart. While I love that my house isn't attached to neighbors like a townhouse or condo the rest is just not worth it. All I ask that you consider people like me, working full time who want to live in a new energy efficient and up to date home, when making your decision. Please vote to approve and provide more affordable ownership options for first time home buyers like myself.

02/14/2020 2:04 pm
Christopher Torres
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