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“As for the ‘Future Metropolitan Districts’ topic on the April 6, 2020 City Council Study Session up for the discussion; Could the City Council or staff indicate how the public will be involved in order to provide input into the process for a decision related to the potential new policy? The process to do so is not addressed in the April 6 packet to City Council and interest to convey information and perspectives is desired. Thank you in advance to provide a clear understanding of how input in advance of a potential policy will be accomplished.”

Vince Harris, AICP
Baseline Engineering Corporation
112 N. Rubey Dr. Suite 210
Golden, CO 80403
303.202.5010 x217
[email protected]

04/03/2020 2:50 pm
Vincent Harris
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Please see attached letter.

Cardel Homes recognizes the important functions metro districts provide to the citizens of Lakewood. We look forward to assisting City Council anyway we can during its review of metro districts within Lakewood.

04/03/2020 10:16 am
Rod Mickelberry
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