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Item 14 - Continued Ordinance O-2020-1 Amending Lakewood Municipal Code Title 12, and Article 10 of Title 17, to Reflect Changes in State and Federal Law Relating to Wireless Services and Communications - May be Continued to June 8, 2020


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As you continue to discuss Continued Ordinance O-2020-1 relating to wireless services:

The deployment of wireless 5g (or any other “G”) internet technology should not be, nor has to be, ‘one size fits all’. Our city and its citizens have the right to decide if or HOW this technology is deployed, and in a manner that is THE safest, most reliable, most efficient, cyber secure, environmentally friendly, and least intrusive aesthetically. IoT, the touted “internet of things” is a business concept, not a law. The economic and technological vision should be OUR choice, not Industries!

Have our city officials performed a comparison study of which form of deployment (IF ANY), wireless vs wired is the best (or even needed) for our city and its citizens? If not, why not?

Our city has failed to educate and involve the public in this crucial discussion and to allow them to understand the gravity and the impact of this issue? Do all our city leaders themselves even understand the full gravity of wireless technology, the effects of our continued internet footprint? If not, why not?

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it should be to heed early warning signs of potential
threats, and to PLAN. There are currently dozens and dozens of law suits filed against the ill
written regulations and laws passed down from the FCC (and others) regarding wireless
deployment. There are thousands of documentations, studies, peer reviewed literature from
leading health and science professionals all over the world, massive amounts of letters and
appeals to legislature from citizens and city leaders in the U.S. and internationally, shouting out
the warnings signs of 5g wireless. Is our city officials heeding these warning signs? Is this
another inconvenient truth that gets ignored? Has our city officials performed any kind of risk
assessment (without biased industry input) regarding 5g “wireless”? The law has not caught up
to this technology yet, but its on the door steps.

The ‘nationalized’ network plan for the roll out of the next generation of internet connectivity (5G) is an assault to our constitutional rights, our property rights, our privacy and personal data rights, and our cities local control. Knowing this, is our city officials engaged with other cities that are currently suing to regain those rights? If not, why not?

It’s up to you to create ordinances and make decisions that live up to your Oaths to protect the citizens of our city.

As a citizen of Lakewood, I DO NOT CONSENT to have wireless 5g towers anywhere near my home. Period. Can you assure me of this?

04/25/2020 5:43 pm
Diana Losacco
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