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This comment is a response to the comment by Francis Sincere on the small cells ordinance. It has become fashionable to refer to Lynn Judson & her 5G Truther friends as representatives of Lakewood citizens, but the characterization is false. Ms. Jordan has not been elected by anyone to represent the citizens; she is just one resident with an opinion just like all the rest of us. She does not deserve a privileged position on the development of this or any other matter over the majority of Lakewood citizens/residents who do not support her views. Her advocacy is inappropriately included in the Council's packet but input from other residents is not. This is not equal justice and Ms. Judson is not on the side of the angels.
Judson has employed a number of attorneys, including both Harrison and the proprietor of "", one Andrew Campanelli. These two firms have expressed contradictory views. Campanelli in particular has advised Judson to make unlawful demands on cellular providers. Taking the steps demanded by Judson exposes Council to personal liability lawsuits. Judson's unlawful demands were welldiscussed in the study session.
Lakewood's fact-finding process is flawed because it doesn't provide much opportunity for experts well versed in law, engineering, economics, and public policy to rebut blatantly false claims such as those made by the Judson 5G Truther cabal as they are made. We allow wealthy residents to create astroturf groups - falsely claiming to speak for citizens - that amplify personal priorities and spread misinformation generated by their controllers.
Judson wants to re-litigate the safety of 5G, but Lakewood has no lawful authority in this area. 5G safety is a question for Congress and the FCC, and both have spoken. Lakewood can specify conditions for small cell siting, but if these conditions are wildly dissimilar from its street light ordinance they will be unlawful, the city will be sued, and the city will lose.
Most governments hold hearings where they take input from panels of invited experts representing diverse stakeholder views. Judson's 5G Truther group would wilt in such an event. so I'd like to see it happen.

07/13/2020 12:08 pm
Richard Bennett
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Please do not approve an resolution for CDN that would weaken the voter approved growth limit. When Council members asked if there were any outstanding agreements which would limit the number of building requests that could be approved staff did not mention any agreement with CDN, nor did anyone from CDN come and make public comment that would make Council aware of any "agreement". How is it that one Council can bind another? Please delay this decision. Please ensure any planned CDN expansions abide by the Strategic Growth Initiative limits.

07/12/2020 4:55 pm
Laura Boggs
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I am appalled that you shut down Bear Creek Lake, you continue to let the protestors go arm in arm and do nothing but normal people that have a job and would like to get out to go to Bear Creek can't because you shut the park down.
This is getting worse and worse and I saw the video of channel 4 (THANKS ALOT) and the people looked like they were social distancing.
This is really disheartening.

07/11/2020 3:42 pm
Kathy Mann
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RE Agenda Small Cell Study Session, July 6th, Council Meeting.
Dear City Council Members,
Monday night, July 6th, we witnessed a poor demonstration of public policy discussion by the City Council regarding the pending ordinance regarding the small cell facility installations in Lakewood. Despite after some disruptive and “abusive, insulting, foreign crank” calls from MS , etc., there were good questions and dialogue among a couple of Counselors initially. However, the meeting eventually deteriorated into several hours of circular legal/policy babble, sometimes incoherent comments and dialogue which landed in “group think land”. It’s no surprise that some Council members stated they were tired of the dialogue and want to get the ordinance passed without any open debate.

Further, I am disappointed that proposals discussed from the Broadband citizens’ group are not being included in the proposed ordinance. Each item was shot down by the City’s hired attorney, Ken Fellman with no debate. The meeting process excluded any rebuttal by the citizens’ attorney, Mark Davidson. He was cut off from the meeting call shortly after his 10 min. testimony and never allowed back into the meeting even though attempts were made to get him back into the meeting. Consequently, no Counselors were able to ask Mr. Davidson follow up questions on “grey legal issues” concerning small cell facilities in Lakewood. Congratulations, City leaders and the wireless industry, you got your way!

At one time I had faith in the democratic process, NOW, I have no faith in this city’s transparency in public debate, willingness to be patient with citizens who want a voice and who even pay large sums of money to get their voices heard. The City hung up on us with only a wireless dial tone remaining.

Francis Sincere
Ward 1

07/08/2020 9:42 am
Francis Sincere
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Thank you for this opportunity to share this comment. I am asking that next year City Council plan for VERY strict enforcement of fireworks in our City utilizing the West Metro Fire Department as well as the PD. I am thoroughly sick and tired of just having to put up with this problem every year for several weeks before the forth and several weeks following. The pin map was not utilized for any directed enforcement this year and will be in my opinion useless for next year. Enforcement that was done only occurred minimally between the hours of 6-8pm. There are no fireworks at that time. A call to Jeffcom required navigating the phone tree from hell and then waiting on hold for 10 plus minutes only to be told that no officers were available. The other request made by the City this year was the need for the caller to provide the address where the fireworks were occurring. I do not believe that citizens should have to be driving around the neighborhood looking for violators in order to obtain the address. This is only asking for confrontation and dangerous situations to occur. I would also like to ask that an effort be coordinated at the County and State levels as selling fireworks in the unincorporated and other nearby jurisdictions makes supply of fireworks too easy. I do realize that there are personnel, budget, and resource issues that come into play with this each year, but it has become a HUGE quality of life issue that should not have to be endured by all. As a citizen of the City I cannot express my frustration and disappointment in our attention to this issue. Life is very stressful right now and this definitely did not help me and I am certain I am not alone in this experience. It is unfortunate that courtesy and safety of all is something that must be legislated and enforced but that is apparently where we are as a society. Thank you for your time and work with all that you do.

07/06/2020 10:41 am
Jen Dougherty
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6263 West Jewell - (formerly White Fence Farm)

This property is not being maintained. The grass has not been mowed or watered, there are weeds everywhere, there are dead trees, graffiti has been covered with paint that does not match. The owner should maintain the property within the rules of the city. It appears that he is purposely trying to make the property blighted. I have sent a copy of this to code enforcement.

07/05/2020 2:22 pm
Charles R Oleson
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