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First Addendum to Solterra Centre Development Agreement

Item 6 - Resolution 2020-22 - Authorizing the First Addendum to Development Agreement for Solterra Centre Official Development Plan


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Dear City Councilors,

In no way is the CDN Red Rocks Agenda item an emergency matter that merits an immediate decision during a Covid Emergency Declaration! The CDN Red Rocks 2009 Resolution allows the builder until 2034 to exercise his vested rights! It would not be fair to the public to pass amendments until Open Meetings can be held to allow input from ALL concerned citizens.

Voters expressed clearly they demand a limit on the rate of growth by passing the Strategic Growth Initiative at the ballot box! The builder has vested rights to build 1630 units by 2034. However, a compromise can definitely be reached for these units to be counted into the allocations each year and stretched over time.

I oppose any exemption to the process we follow to comply with the voter-approved SGI! Instead, the builder needs to clarify to Council the number of units he intends to build each year. These will then be counted toward the number of available allocations. In this manner, the will of the citizens can be followed (slow the rate of building) while respecting the vested rights of the builder.

If the SGI is circumvented by allowing an exemption, this action by the City could be challenged in court by the citizens. Such a move would require another referendum! Instead, City Council can honor both. The builder will have his vested rights to build until 2034, and citizens will exercise their right to slow the rate of building.

07/13/2020 11:56 am
Lynn E. Judson
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This request and the questionable value of granting time at a City Council Meeting for this subject have no rational community merit, therefore consideration is unwarranted and irrelevant and must be deferred or completely dismissed. Standard correspondence would have been appropriate for request and dismissal of this request.
The Law of Lakewood is the SGI, passed with conviction by the voters of the City. It is wrong for our elected public servants who speak against or derogatorily attempt to dismiss what its citizens have democratically stood up for and created as City law, without qualifying their statements. It must be remembered that Council’s own Policy and Procedures require these public speakers to clearly indicate SGI is City Law and when downplaying or whining against this fact they must beyond a doubt state that what they are saying is only their personal opinion, and not representative of City Law in the City they have chosen to serve.

07/12/2020 3:01 pm
James Kinney
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Regarding the upcoming discussion for a CDN Resolution to be exempt from SGI
1) The 2009 Solterra Centre ODP established 1630 as the number of dwellings to build.
2) In 2014, the Big Sky Service Plan (same physical area) established the number of dwellings to build as 1024.

I am against CDN being exempted at all from SGI knowing there are many legal actions occurring that could take years to conclude before a sewer service is established but more importantly, why would a proposed resolution for CDN be issue as 1630 dwelling level when the 2014 Service Plan for Big Sky (same area) defined 1024 and by the same developer (Brookfield)?

I urge all City Council Members and Mayor to not give the approval to the CDN resolution. Plenty of time in the future to establish fair allocation of dwellings when outcome of legal actions is a known.

07/12/2020 12:41 pm
Gary Greaser
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Big Sky is continuing its bully tactics with its recent demand for an Addendum to the ODP for Solterra Centre. At a minimum, Big Sky must be made to adhere to the conditions of the SGI. Ideally, Council should table the demand until construction is ready to begin in a few years.

Density remains a concern; 1630 new dwelling units will stretch city services and negatively impact traffic congestion and school over-crowding.
I ask Council to negotiate for lower density - perhaps in exchange for granting inclusion in the ODP of single-family units.

It’s time for the City of Lakewood to tell developers that they can no longer call the shots. Residents’ concerns over over-development, as evidenced by passage of the SGI, must become your first priority.

Thank you for listening!

07/11/2020 1:09 pm
Linnea Hauser
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