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Item 10 - Resolution 2020-24 Amending the Definition of Blight as used in Chapter 14.27 of the Lakewood Municipal Code Concerning a Building Permit Management System using Allocations for New Dwelling Units and Establishing Rules and Procedures for Requests to Designate Property as Blighted


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On July 5, 2020 I submitted a request to Lakewood code enforcement requesting that 6263 West Jewell Ave (White Fence Farm) be maintained within City Codes.

Location: 6263 W JEWELL AVE

Description: This property is not being maintained. The grass has not been mowed, there are weeds everywhere, there are dead trees, graffiti has been covered with paint that does not match. The owner should maintain the property within the rules of the city. It appears that he is purposely trying to make the property blighted.

I received this from the city:

Your request # 29833 has been responded to:
Good morning Mr. Oleson, Code Enforcement responded to your request regarding the overgrown weeds and grass at 6263 W Jewell Ave. Case number LK20021552 was created and will remain open throughout the investigation. Your help is greatly appreciated. Please call or email me with any questions or additional information.


Juan Bonilla-Acosta
Badge 6137
Code Enforcement Officer
Support Services Division /Lakewood Police Department
[email protected]

There has been nothing done at this address. They seem to have purposely letting this property deteriorate. My neighborhood has to drive by this property everyday. Why don't they have to maintain this property like everyone else in the city. This deterioration impacts our whole neighborhood.

07/26/2020 6:16 pm
Charles Russell Oleson
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