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As a resident of Lakewood for close to 40 years, we voted in the mandate of 1% growth in Lakewood to stop all the unsightly apartment being built, most of which lack proper aesthetic design and thoughtful control of "quantity." I speak for most all residents of Lakewood when I say we do not want an "exception" made to the 1% limit of new housing, (apartments or other). Lakewood is already too populated and has too much traffic. Making an exception for the apartments planed for the site of The Point Athletic to build 200, 300, or more apartments is outrageous and completely goes against the wishes of the residents of Lakewood! The surrounding area is completely PACKED WITH APARTMENTS, CONDOS AND MORE APARTMENTS!! We have the Beacon which is the most unsightly building ever conceived. Then we have Union West apartments which were built higher than promised by greedy developers, with no thought to the town homes directly behind whose view was taken away by a too tall building which is only slightly better designed than the Beacon. We keep packing in the people, and the trash, crime, pets, pet waste, homeless people wandering around, not to mention the added traffic and noise pollution which high quantity of apartments brings along with the project.

Please adhere to the wishes of the residents of Lakewood and DO NOT APPROVE an "EXCEPTION" to the number of apartments being planned for the Point Athletic club location. Please HONOR the 1% growth we as residents VOTED IN FOR A REASON, which was not to have our wishes ignored by City Council or developers. The apartment/people/traffic density problem needs to STOP!

Again, please DO NOT APPROVE the extra apartments the developer wants for The Point Athletic club location! If the developer wants that many apartments, then make it so the building of those same apartments is only done year by year at the 1% rate, thereby taking years to complete!

Thank you for your time in reading and adhering to what the residents of Lakewood want and voted in to protect our quality of life and community!

Karen Willis, Long-time resident of Lakewood, Colorado

07/27/2020 11:57 am
Karen L Willis
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