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I am a resident of Belmar since its beginning; bought a townhome in 2004 and moved in March 2015. Seeing dogs running around in Belmar without lease didn't bother me (my son's family has a dog) until 4 or 5 years ago when my daughter's family was visiting me from New York. My 5- or 4-year old grandson and I were walking near my home when a dog without lease ran to him. He was scared and ran to me crying and I picked him up. I asked the man with the dog to keep the dog on lease and he didn't respond, not even to apologize.
About a month ago, a dog was walking behind his owner on Saulsbury without a lease (the owner had the lease, not attached to lease, in hand. When the dog noticed me walking behind them, it turned around and came to me. Although the dog seemed friendly, I was not comfortable. I am a stranger for the dog and it, being an animal, may bite a stranger. The dog owners don't have the right to make anybody uncomfortable in Belmar whether or not they live in Belmar.
Almost any day when I am walking through or near the Belmar Park, I see many dogs running without lease almost all day if it's not hot or raining or snowing. I have called Lakewood Animal Control a couple of time over the last several years and nothing has happened. Since the Park is for all Belmar residents, whether they own a dog or not, I don't want it to be used solely by the dog owners. If the City and the Belmar management want to convert it to a dog park, please fence it off and put a sign that this park is only of dog owners!
I will try to listen in live to the meeting. If any of you questions for me or want me to elaborate on anything I have written here, I will be happy to do that.
Thank you for taking care of the persistent problem in Belmar.

08/10/2020 9:50 am
Arjun Singh
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I am concerned about Lakewood’s high crime rate. Per , Lakewood’s crime rate is three times higher than the safest large Colorado City of Centennial. ( Of the eleven largest cities in Colorado Lakewood has a higher crime rate than all cities except Aurora and Pueblo. The most basic fundamental function of government is to maintain law and order and provide for the safety and security of it’s citizens. If Lakewood fails at its most basic fundamental function, can it succeed at anything?

I expect government officials to show some leadership and step up efforts to protect citizens and property, prosecute criminals, communicate the truth, and substantially reduce the crime rate.

08/10/2020 9:30 am
John E Mohatt
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So glad to see the Council is still busy approving exceptions, pushing through rezoning, declaring blight left and right, in short, back in the development business as if the citizen's initiative meant nothing to them. The world is crashing down around our ears, unemployment is rampant, the number of homeless is climbing, people are hungry, people are unemployed, people are dying, and the economy has tanked, but the real estate development machine that is Lakewood soldiers on. Good thing that now a developer can buy a property, trash it, and then petition the Council to declare it blighted so that he can redevelop it. Yay! The People have been overcome once again!

08/01/2020 12:25 pm
Susan Williams
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