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Do not extend the emergency declaration! If you do extend the emergency declaration you MUST spend the time going line by line and give a justification for each, because our rights are being curtailed in a myriad of ways due to this COVID-19 "pandemic"(this virus is is the tyranny that has followed it) and the inalienable rights protected from government curtailment are human rights.

Our inalienable right to freely associate protected in our Bill of Rights, our First Amendment, does not just apply to church (which we can no longer go to in many cases), its does not just apply when engaging in commerce (which we can no longer do in many cases), it does not just apply to peaceful protests (which appears to have a hint of ideological hypocrisy in many cases), it also applies to our ability to gather in person in our representative republic in order to have fair representation on how we want our government to function in order to promote the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

You MUST justify in every case, on record for the people to see, why you feel the need to restrict our inalienable human rights to freely associate for the purpose of fair representation. Especially considering the multitude of times the council members are told by their constituents and fellow council members that people are unable to call in and have their voices heard by their representatives during public comment. The technical issues regarding council members being booted from the meetings or unable to log in to the meeting in a timely fashion are extremely concerning. The inconsistencies of the data connection quality, voice/video glitches, for the council members while speaking does not properly record what was said and the inconsistent vote counting method for each motion is slip-shod and all of these and more small problems compound to create a very high level of distrust of you regarding our fair representation.

The level of distrust you are creating in the people is only compounded when you consider the many ways you fought the people's voice in the 5G tower ordinances, and appear to continually subvert the people's voice regarding the zoning/growth cap ordinances to name recent, specific issues. The level of distrust you are creating is dangerous, especially after most of us recently found out that Lakewood PD is using a wildly powerful dissociative, ketamine, to subdue into compliance a council members' loved one and on average 50 other of your community members a year. These are very dangerous actions by all of you and the most dangerous thing you can do as a governing body (with an armed and apparently extremely aggressive police force) is to lose the trust of the people.

You MUST justify each and every emergency powers provision for the people or you MUST vote no on stripping us of our inalienable human right to freely associate.

08/10/2020 11:33 am
Rob Otis
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