Fox Hollow Irrigation Replacement Lease Agreements

Item 18 - Ordinance O-2020-22 Concerning the Refunding of a Portion of Certain Outstanding Certificates of Participation, Series 2006A, and the Financing of Renovations to the Fox Hollow Golf Course Irrigation System; and an Annually Renewable Lease/Purchase Agreement Between U.S. Bank National Association, Solely in its Capacity as Trustee, and the City, as Lessee; Approving the Forms of Certain Related Documents; Ratifying Action Previously Taken in Connection Therewith; Authorizing a Supplemental Budget Appropriation of up to $5,925,000; Providing Other Matters Relating Thereto; and Further, Declaring an Emergency


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Revised Ordinance O-2020-22 ( 0.32 MB )
Revised Ordinance O-2020-22 Redline Version ( 0.13 MB )
Indenture of Trust ( 0.9 MB )
Revised Indenture of Trust ( 0.7 MB )
Lease Purchase Agreement ( 0.75 MB )
Revised Lease Purchase Agreement ( 0.18 MB )
Revised Site Lease ( 0.06 MB )
Site Lease ( 0.36 MB )
Escrow Agreement for 2006A COPS ( 0.41 MB )
Revised Escrow Agreement for 2006A COPS ( 0.22 MB )

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