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Dear Lakewood City Council members;

I wanted to share my concerns about retail marijuana being available in Lakewood, and our personal family experience concerning marijuana.

As a parent and grandparent, now, I realize how tempting 'peer pressure' is. We call it "pure pressure". One of our sons got involved and overdosed with marijuana to the point of having delusions. He thought he was some one else. When his father caught up with him, he was walking along 6th Ave. and thought the cars were dinosaurs. We brought him home. He was asked to set the table and instead of putting the plates on the table he went into the back yard and threw them like frisbees into a tree. He eventually got on a stump in our backyard and wouldn't get off. We had no idea what to do. We called Lakewood Police out of desperation. They were WONDERFUL!!! A male and female officer responded. They got our son off the stump and took him to a 72 hour hold to get assessed, and eventually he got counseling and today he is productively working and well.

Having marijuana more accessible will increase the demand on police resources. Production would be a HUGE demand on water resources which always seem to be limited! It isn't fair for the community to pay the cost of their water needs.
I hope the counsel votes no on retail and production grows in Lakewood.

Some may like the smell of marijuana. I do not and wish the coucil would have the medical marijuana shops to have "scrubbers" on their building vents to reduce the putrified smell that is emitted.

Tamara Stubbs
[email protected]

08/24/2020 11:50 am
Tamara Stubbs
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