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Did you try driving to the Mountains Fri, Sat, Sun? Have you tried driving down Union, Kipling, Wadsworth during rush hours?

The city keeps building but there is little improvement to infrastructure. Perhaps there should be a "impact fee" on construction of more that 40 units.

I left the East Coast in 1970 because of the crowds. The Denver area including Lakewood has become as crowded and unpleasant to live in as the East Coast 50 years ago.

09/27/2020 12:25 pm
Charles R Oleson
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An increasing amount of vehicles (cars, and motorbikes) are using 17th Dr between Quail and Owens as a "drag strip". This includes cars trying to reach high speeds (3rd or 4th gear at max revs) and bikes doing the same including stunts like wheelies. It is a nuisance to the neighborhood as cars are typically modified to be louder than normal, and the activities typically take place at late hours of the night. That said, they do happen all day long. We have families that walk small children and pets along the attached sidewalks of 17th, and drivers behaving like this pose a serious risk to the community should they lose control. This problem seemingly gets worse week by wwek as more people move into the area with heavily modified vehicles capable of high speed.

I'm suggesting that 2-3 neighborhood raised crossings be added on 17th to control speed and noise in the neighborhood. Suggested types of raised crossing would be equivalent to the raised crossings around the roundabout by Golden High School in Golden, CO.

09/20/2020 1:45 pm
Benjamin Kaiser
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