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My name is James Boyte. I have been living at 1573 S Johnson CT. for 20 years. Trash collection in my neihgborhood has always been on Wednesday. Waste management for some reason decided to change to pick up trash on Tuesday last spring or so. The rest of the trash collectiong companies decided to change pick up days to Tuesday. Then a few months ago Waste Management went back to picking up on Wednesdays. Waste Management is the only trash company picking on Wednesday. Now we have trash trucks running through the neighborhood on two days again. I'd like to know who the heck Waste Management thinks they are. Is there any regulation or anything to been done to have all trash companies pick up on the same day. Waste Management seems to be the rogue company. As I write this at 5:10 in the evening, Waste Management is still running around the neighborhood. There is a lot wrong with this picture.

10/07/2020 5:15 pm
James M Boyte
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