Smart Flower Major Waiver

Case: WA-17-001
Request for a Major Waiver to install a solar ground mounted system with a maximum height of 16 feet in the rear yard at 1755 S Sheridan Blvd.


Applicant Presentation

Staff Presentation


Major Waiver Review Criteria
  1. The waiver will result in a superior development or design than if the strict application of this Zoning Ordinance is applied; and

  2. The waiver will better serve the intent of the zone district in which the property is located; and

  3. The waiver will not substantially impair the appropriate use or development of adjacent property; and

  4. The waiver will not alter the character of the neighborhood or area where the project is proposed; and

  5. The waiver is consistent with the development patterns of the existing neighborhood; and

  6. The proposed project with a waiver will conform with the policies of the Comprehensive Plan; and

  7. The proposed project with a waiver will meet the intent of the applicable zone district.

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