Zoning Ordinance Amendments - Parking

Case: OA-17-002
Zoning Ordinance Amendments - Parking


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I understand your study of parking requirements but I also see so much street parking around multi-unit family buildings (example Belmar) that I can not find a parking space near the business I want to visit, especially at night. My wife and I are also handicapped and find that there are few parking spaces near the location that we want to visit. We almost always have to walk at least a block or more at some locations, again Belmar comes to mind. If as your report indicates there is ample parking spaces why is there so much parking on the street, so much on some residential streets there are no spaces for a visitor to park. As a former Fire Chief in a city comparable to Lakewood I can state as a fact that your parking space requirement for multi-family units creates street parking which can and does interfere with emergency operations at times. Sorry but I do not agree with your parking space requirements. I will also watch to see how council members vote on this.

03/15/2018 5:57 pm
Edward Rowlett
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