Lakewood Advisory Commission Annual Report & Project Updates

Item 4 - Presentation-Lakewood Advisory Commission Annual Report and Project Updates


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I love the suggestions for better traffic safety, particularly the different colored sidewalks for pedestrians. That’s an easy way to differentiate the spaces in the intersections. When talking about cars and pedestrians safely sharing our main thoroughfares, let’s not forget bicycles as well. We need to make sure there is education for motorists to not only be aware of people on foot, but people on bikes as well, and the pedestrian safety education should try to include best practices for bicyclists as well (wearing bright reflective clothing, using lights and not just reflectors, etc.).
Though I’m personally not a fan of red light cameras, the data regarding the strong link regarding running red lights and increased traffic deaths is intriguing, and if it would save lives, I think it’s worth investigating.

12/03/2020 2:07 pm
Rebekah Stewart
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