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The Applewood Valley Association (AVA) represents over 2000 households in both Lakewood and Unincorporated Jefferson County that border the far west portion of West Colfax. The AVA has been an active participant in the West Colfax 2040 Vision Plan Update that is currently being developed by numerous City of Lakewood organizations, including The Lakewood-W. Colfax BID, WCCA, 40 West Arts District, and several Neighborhood Organizations. West Colfax is the front door to the Applewood Community and under the guidance of the West Colfax 2040 Vision Plan, we aspire to transform West Colfax into a rejuvenated, vibrant part of our community.

The Applewood Valley Association appreciates the effort by the City of Lakewood Planning Department to transform West Colfax by modifying zoning along West Colfax to prevent too concentrated convenience store/fueling station development. These zoning changes will allow smarter and more balanced development in key revitalization areas of West Colfax and allow the West Colfax 2040 Vision Plan to be realized.


Applewood Valley Neighborhood Association

Representing over 2000 households

01/03/2021 11:57 pm
Marianne Ortiz
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The Daniels Welchester Neighborhood appreciates all the work done on this by city staff. It is encouraging to see that an issue like this has been identified and is being addressed in such a timely manner. The fact that city council is taking measures so rapidly shows their support for the successful redevelopment of West Colfax.

The West Colfax Vision Plan committee headed by Bill Marino is made up of all the neighborhoods along Colfax. We have been meeting regularly and are working on a document outlining our goals for the future of West Colfax that will be presented to City Council. We thank you for your support of West Colfax!

01/03/2021 5:58 pm
Diane Duffey
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