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In 2007 I worked in the FirstBank building located in the Westland Parking lot. That was during a time when Westland was still characterized as a high quality commercial area (shocking), when even then it was not 100% occupied. The property continues to deteriorate and detract from what we all love about West Colfax and what we hope for the corridor moving forward. I would encourage Councilors, who have recently publicly stated their unfamiliarity with the 2040 Vision plan, to educate themselves on what members of our community are hoping for along this part of our city. The empty store fronts and busted up paved parking lot is not the best use of that space. I look forward to hearing tonight's discussion on this topic and hope that we can find a solution that allows the space to be redefined to meet the needs of the community as they exist now.

01/11/2021 9:24 am
Jeslin Shahrezaei
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A hurried sale by the City of Lakewood of the Westland parking lot is unfair to the surrounding residents here because of lack of information to them. I ask for you to postpone the reading of the ordinance to sell the property so a clearer understanding of the usage can first be made publicly available.
Most of the neighbors spoken to say this area is not zoned for a huge apartment complex,definitely not one with higher rent base, nor do we even want one. In fact, some have no knowledge of your intentions to sell the land so quickly. There are issues of confusion about all of the sale.
We like our area of some walking space, the closeness to the Jeffco Library and a nearness to major streets. Very good corner without too much more population.
Thank you, council members, for your attention.
Joyce Kaufman

01/10/2021 1:26 pm
Joyce Kaufman
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This comment concerns the sustainability plan and associated activities in the City of Lakewood. We congratulate the city council for placing sustainability on your priority list last year, but given the budget impacts from COVID-19, we want to stress the importance of keeping sustainability on the priority list in 2021. Sustainability goals and activities impact every resident and every business in Lakewood. It impacts us all economically, environmentally, socially and politically. We must step up our efforts to achieve the goals of the city's sustainability plan. The most important step toward reaching the plan's goals is to keep sustainability on the city's priority list. We look forward to continuing to assist the city in accomplishing the listed goals.

01/07/2021 3:20 pm
Ron W Horstman
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If we have wall to wall convenience stores and gas stations along W Colfax it will completely underminethe 2040 Vision plans. I hope the City Council will do everything possible to support any zoning plans the are consistant with the 2040 Vision Plan

01/03/2021 6:58 pm
Katie Owens
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