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The following are some questions I have asked before but I am still not aware of the answers.
1. Has the idea of an unconscionable contract been pursued? It seems like a contract written in 1992 should have had a clause for inflation.
2. Has there been a recent assessment of the property, if not by Jefferson County by a private assessor that specializes in commercial real estate?
3. Why hasn’t Lakewood notified the residents that are directly impacted by changes at Westland of the possible sale of the parking lot? I spoke with the Assistant Director of the Brookdale Retirement Center which is directly across the street from Westland and they had no idea of the changes that may be happening at Wetland. In a recent publication mailed out by Lakewood there no mention about the possible sale of the Westland Parking lot. Many of our neighbors simply do not have the time to attend Ward Meetings or City Council Meetings.

Katie Owens
Miller Heights Neighborhood Association.

02/21/2021 3:54 pm
Katie Owens
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