Lennar Rezoning

Case: RZ-18-001
The request is to rezone Lot 4 of the Lakeridge Subdivision Filing No. 3 addressed as 1950, 1960 & 1970 S Newland St. from One Acre Residential (R-1-43) to Two-family and Small Lot Residnetial (R-2) to allow for the development for single-family attached homes.


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Lakeridge Subdivision Filing No. 3
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Rezoning Review Criteria
Recommendations and decisions regarding initial zoning and rezoning applications shall be based on the following review criteria.  Applications for initial zoning and rezoning shall be approved if it is demonstrated that:

1. The proposed zoning or rezoning promotes the purposes of this Zoning Ordinance as stated in Section 17.1.2: and

2. The proposed zoning or rezoning is compatible with existing surrounding land uses or the land uses envisioned in the Comprehensive Plan: and

3. The proposed zoning or rezoning meets at least one of the following additional criteria:

     a. The proposed zoning or rezoning promotes implementation of the Comprehensive Plan; or

     b. There has been a material change in the character of the neighborhood or in the City generally, such that the proposed zoning or rezoning would be in the public interest and consistent with the change.

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Dear Lakewood Planning Commission,
I am writing regarding the Lennar Rezoning, Case #RZ-18-001, which requests a rezoning of 1950, 1960 and 1970 S. Newland Street, from One Acre Residential to Two-family and Small Lot Residential. As one whose family has lived in the White Fence Farm neighborhood, starting in 2006, and having watched this area grow exponentially, from a quiet, small town, rural-like setting, to a highly congested area, that has become one of gridlock, I oppose this proposition. Jewell Avenue was never designed to carry the number of vehicles that it is currently serving. At rush hour, the traffic traveling west can stretch almost to Pierce Street. Driving either direction during peak hours, it is often necessary to wait through two or three light cycles before crossing or turning onto Wadsworth or Sheridan. The only north-south through street between Wadsworth and Sheridan is Pierce, which is becoming increasingly congested, as well. Compounding this situation, there is no north-south through street between Wadsworth and Sheridan, providing access to the south. The King Soopers shopping center on the corner of Wadsworth and Jewell is crowded beyond belief, especially at peak hours (and can even be overflowing in the middle of the day on weekdays). The tiny parking lot becomes so congested that there are multiple cars backed up, waiting to turn onto Jewell, which is itself so backed up that it is hard to exit. This creates a dangerous traffic situation.

The quality of life of those of us who are living in this area, as well as our safety while navigating our local streets, are being significantly and negatively impacted by the quantity of vehicles using Jewell Ave. and adjoining streets. This area cannot withstand more dense housing development.

I respectfully urge you to vote against Case RZ-18-001.

Penelope Currier

11/29/2018 5:26 pm
Penelope Currier
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