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Small Animal Amendments

Case: OA-18-001
To consider potential updates to the City's small animal standards.


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I think pigeons should be allowed in r-1-6 and R2 provided they are kept safe from predators (hawks/coyotes/cats, etc) and maintained appropriately.

If dwarf goats, ducks, and chickens are already allowed, it would seem pigeons would be the least intrusive animal of the bunch to have kept as pets and would not negatively impact neighbors who are already exposed to the existing list of approved animals- therefore i see no downsides of allowing pigeons.

Also, i think requiring a 15 feet setback from the fence might be too extreme, considering a storage shed/garage can be +/-5 feet from a fence if it's under a 32' in length and 12' in height (just Thinking about my house in Lakewood where i have a 32x24 garage in the back corner of my lot)... I believe an animal enclosure set back requirement that follows the same rules as the shed setback requirements might be easier to understand/follow - and maybe add a consideration of distance to living spaces (house/patio/deck, etc) instead of a blanket "15ft". maybe even a requirement that the enclosure be within the back 20-30% of the lot, so that all home owners know what to expect when it comes to neighbors and the possibility of animal enclosure locations anywhere in Lakewood.

01/14/2019 2:08 pm
Christopher Tschiffely
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I think pigeons should be allowed in all residential areas, as they are in Wheatridge, Littleton and Denver, provided that are treated humanely and kept in accordance with the Planning Staff's recommended standards.

01/11/2019 4:58 pm
Lillian Kraemer
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I think the pigeons should be allowed on the smaller residential lots with the common-sense restrictions outlined in the video.

01/01/2019 2:34 pm
Maureen Yaskanin
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