Richmond American Homes Preliminary Plat

Case: PA-18-001
The applicant is requesting approval of a preliminary plat to create 91 single family lots and 2 tracts.


Applicant Presentation

Staff Presentation

Preliminary Plat Review Criteria
The proposed minor subdivision is required to meet the criteria established in the Lakewood Subdivision Ordinance.  

1.  All subdivision plats shall comply with the following laws, ordinances and regulations:

     a.  Compliance with all applicable provisions of the Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S) as amended.

     b.  Compliance with the City of Lakewood Municipal Charter and Municipal Code, including but not limited to, the Zoning Ordinance, Building and Housing Codes and other applicable ordinances of the City of Lakewood. 

     c.  Compliance with the Major Street Plan, Bicycle System Master Plan, Capital Improvements and Preservation Plan, and Community Resources Master Plan.

     d.  Compliance with the regulations of the Jefferson County Health Department and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

     e.  Compliance with the requirements of the Colorado Department of Transportation.

     f.  Compliance with the City's Engineering Standards.

     g.  Compliance with the requirements of the fire district and utility companies service the subject property. 

2.  Conformance with the advisory principles in the Lakewood Comprehensive Plan.

3.  Promote pedestrian and street connectivity, and consider adjacent land of patterns and topography to further sustain any future land development. 

4.  Potential hazards are addressed with an engineering design that will sufficiently mitigate the potential harm.

5.  Future resubdivision is taken into account.

6.  Conformance with the residential subdivision standards.

7.  Conformance with the non-residential subdivision standards.

8.  All lots shall be developable and capable of being built upon.

Comments & Feedback

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It appears the planning for the development of this property has been in the works for several decades. I love the open space around development and my only comment is to allow for fewer units to be built, up to 60 versus 91 units. There appears to be more drive area and therefore more pavement due to the alleys and if there were fewer units allowed, perhaps there would be less pavement/drive area and more green space. I would like to see the number of units overall allowed to be built decreased on this property. Thank you for gathering input.

01/15/2019 2:56 pm
Jennifer Franklin
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zoning should remain the 1 acre residential that it was when private owners purchased it. It is an unfair burden on Lakewood residents to bear the cost of the proposed density while land owner realizes only profits. I respect their right to sell the land, but as they purchased it. I trust they wouldn't like it if while owning it, the city came in and declared the future use of the land to be open space park, thus diminishing the land's value. I wouldn't want the city to do this to them and don't find it fair for city/landowner to change the zoning on us.

01/15/2019 2:05 pm
Patti F Peters
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I would love to imagine my opinion matters, but I have to think that this is already an arranged marriage between a few developer with deep pockets and a city with utterly no restraint or future thinking.
That said, let's see occupancy in the vacant apartments and handful of homes at the green gables "reserve" - which was once upon a time sold to the community as "single family homes in a park like setting." Let's really pause and see how the city is going to accommodate the increased population on Wadsworth, which is already a disaster.
Let's pause with some prudence and respect for the very little bit of space and resources left. Let's stop the frenzied development. There is housing for people, and if it isn't in Lakewood, there are more than enough options along the front range. The community that many residents moved to Lakewood for even a decade ago is a stark and very unappealing difference today. Imagine, just imagine, if the city hit pause and caught its breath before turning what many considered a gem into a poorly planned, over congested dump without the good sense to protect itself and appreciate what it is.

01/15/2019 1:51 pm
J. Smith
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I have been a resident in close proximity to this area for 42 years. I use the green belt all the time and would be thoroughly opposed to the building of yet more apartments or crowded single family dwellings. It needs to remain as currently stated in order to control overcrowding, more traffic and to preserve the open area for animals.
Please don’t be a part of the money maniathat corrupts the open spaces in Lakewood.
Judy collins

01/15/2019 11:56 am
Judith Collins
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I oppose the zoning change from One Acre Residential (R-1-43) to Mixed-Use Residential Neighborhood (M-N-U). The area is already over developed with apartments and adding this relatively high density development adjacent to both Wadsworth Blvd and Bear Creek Greenbelt is not in the best interests of the residents that will be directly affected. Not only would the dramatic traffic increase impact an already congested and accident prone stretch of Wadsworth, the development would have a detrimental impact on those of us that use the greenbelt. I would support development under One Acre Residential.

01/15/2019 10:18 am
Jody Pulford
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I am very concerned about the environmental impact on the ecology of Bear Creek both in terms of substructure water contamination and flow of the creek and the subsequent disruption of animal life. The Bear Creek Greenbelt should be considered a gem of the Lakewood community and be protected from anything that would deter from its unique qualities. I believe the proposed development would threaten this special asset of Jefferson County.

Also, I am concerned about the added traffic to Wadsworth Avenue with this development. Already, the road is choked at commuter times, and any additional housing in the South Wadsworth area is, in my opinion, ill-advised without rethinking the infrastructure.

This development --- and any future development of this area --- should be prohibited.

01/10/2019 2:15 pm
Valerie Edmondson
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Will there be a traffic light installed at Duquene and Wadsworth?

01/09/2019 5:32 pm
Sylvia Lane
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