Richmond American Homes Rezoning

Case: RZ-18-002
To rezone the properties located at 3113 S Wadsworth Blvd. from One Acre Residential (R-1-43) to Mixed-Use Neighborhood Urban (M-N-U).


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Rezoning Review Criteria
Recommendations and decisions regarding initial zoning and rezoning applications shall be based on the following review criteria.  Applications for initial zoning and rezoning shall be approved if it is demonstrated that:

1.  The proposed zoning or rezoning promotes the purposes of this Zoning Ordinance as stated in Section 17.1.2: and

2.  The proposed zoning or rezoning is compatible with existing surrounding land uses or the land uses envisioned in the Comprehensive Plan: and

3.  The proposed zoning or rezoning meets at least one of the following additional criteria:

     a.  The proposed zoning or rezoning promotes implementation of the Comprehensive Plan; or

     b.  There has been a material change in the character of the neighborhood or in the City generally, such that the proposed zoning or rezoning would be in the public interest and consistent with the change. 

Comments & Feedback

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I am very concerned about the environmental impact that RZ-18-002 will have on the ecology of Bear Creek which is a gem of natural beauty and a valuable asset to the people of Lakewood. The development will significantly impinge upon the wetlands and subterranean water supply as well as disrupt the flow of the creek and the life along it. I strongly oppose this -- and any development -- of the Bear Creek Greenbelt.

Further consideration for any development along South Wadsworth should include the traffic along this thoroughfare; already the road is choked to a near stand-still at commuter times. Without a redesign of Wadsworth, it is foolhardy to add more traffic.

Thank you for allowing me to comment.

01/10/2019 2:35 pm
Valerie Edmondson
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