Green Mountain Annexation and Initial Zoning

Case: AX-18-001 & RZ-18-005
To annex to the City of Lakewood 270.06 acres of property owned by the City of Lakewood and Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District and to zone the property to Small Lot Residential (R-1-6). The property is currently part of William Frederick Hayden Park and will remain parkland. There is no development proposed on the property.


Staff Presentation


Zoning Map
Request for Council Action for Annexation Petition
City Council Resolution to accept the Annexation Petition
Map of Kelley Annexation No. 2
Map of William Frederick Hayden Park Northeast Annexation
Map of William Frederick Hayden Park Northwest Annexation
Green Mountain Water & Sanitation District letter of support
Neighborhood Meeting Summary
Annexation and Zoning Criteria
Annexation Criteria
1.  Conformance with the Lakewood Comprehensive Plan
2.  Conformance with the Three Mile Plan
3.  Conformance with the Colorado Revised Statutes

Zoning Criteria
1.  The proposed zoning promotes the purposes of this Zoning Ordinance as stated in Section 17.1.2: and
2.  The proposed zoning is compatible with existing surrounding land uses or the land uses envisioned in the Comprehensive Plan; and
3.  The proposed  zoning meets at least one of the following additional criteria:
      a.  The proposed zoning promoted implementation of the Comprehensive Plan; or
      b.  There has been a material change in the character of the neighborhood or in the City generally, such that the proposed zoning would be in the public interest and consistent with the change; or
      c.  The property was zoned in error. 

Comments & Feedback

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I have heard that the City of Lakewood is planning to turn over 270 acres of land in Hayden Green Mountain Park for development. Is this true? I definitely hope not. That is pristine open space of which Lakewood is proud. We should keep it that way.

02/16/2019 3:38 pm
Susan M Brugman
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Should this property be zoned Small Lot Residential (R-1-6), what is the process to remove the park designation and allow residential development to commence on the property?

02/09/2019 7:56 pm
Ian Colle
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