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To mayor & city council: after living across the street for the last 1 1/2 years to a short term rental or air bnb- it is absolutely an awful idea to pass this. Lakewood police patrol has been stepped up. We have people from out of state moving in all hours of day and night. Knocking on our doors late looking for the address. Parking in front of our houses & driveways. The owner is not on premises so no one is in charge of weekly taking out trash & snow removal. Address not visible or porch light on. Cars have been gone through, the neighbors have banned together to look out for each other & packages left on porches. It's like a business being ran in a residential neighborhood. Code enforcement has been at the house several times. Every time something unusual has happen on this block has been linked to that house. It passed: who will monitor to make sure they are licenced, rules followed or taxes collected? My opinion is you are opening a can of worms that isn't well thought out or can handle. I will continue to look out for my neighbors & if anything looks suspicious or isn't followed by the ordinience I will call code enforcement, police & mayors office. Thank you for your time

02/25/2019 11:25 am
Rose chapman
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The problem of course is that short-term tenants have no investment in the neighborhood. So what if they disturb the peace, do drug deals, throw up in the bushes, leave trash everywhere, damage other vehicles in the middle of the night or tell the neighbors to _____ off: these birds will fly the next morning, probably out of state. Nowhere in this ordinance can I see where the City is making the landlord legally and financially responsible for this sort of conduct. Further, if this is supposed to accommodate Coloradans who go on vacation and want to rent their homes out, why is there a six-month requirement? Why not nine months, which recognizes teachers' summer vacation and retired couples' travel? I don't know of anybody who gets six months of vacation. It's an invitation to subterfuge.

A person who owns a two BR single-family house with yard in our neighborhood and who has expressed an interest in this business was, for the last ten years, the landlord for full-time, long-term tenants---families---up until several months ago, when she threw her tenants out and started visiting the property on a regular basis as a pretext of residency. She will be transforming what was once a badly needed rental unit into a short-term rental if this ordinance passes. Bad policy, bad law.

02/23/2019 10:52 am
Susan Williams
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Having lived next door to a short term rental as well as a minimum 30 day rental these are the concerns I have:

Owner of property that is being used for short term rental should be required to live on premises.

Adequate lighting should be required so that renters can locate premises in the middle of the night without disturbing neighbors.

The address of the property should be able to be seen from the street and lit up so that renters arriving in the middle of the night will be able to find the residence.

Renter vehicles should be off the street or parked in front of the rental residence as not to take up street parking for neighbors at their residences.

It would be ideal if there were certain times that renters could be "checking" in for the first time ie (8:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.) so as not to disturb the neighbors at all hours trying to locate the premises.

If the owner is living in the residence they will have knowledge of what the neighbors are experiencing.

How will it be determined that the owner is actually living at the residence. I don't think that it can be taken at the owners word. Just because they are getting their mail there, does not mean they are living there. What is the proof of slumber,preparation of meals, etc that will be accepted?

02/22/2019 4:22 pm
Deanne Landenberger
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I would like to express my concerns regarding a declared AirBNB (bed and breakfast) in the City of Lakewood. I am against allowing short-term room rentals (BnBs) in the city.
My biggest concern is for the safety of residents living in a neighborhood where a home has turned into a short-term rental. The constant change of renters brings concerns for the safety of the permanent owners on the block. Who is overlooking the safety of Lakewood residents.
Shouldn't an owner(s) be required to live in the house that have rooms rented on short-term basis to oversee the activities and take care of issues that come up?
My next concern is that the owner live on the premises overseeing the happenings of this BnB.. If there is not a full-time owner on premise who is to oversee what is going on and to answer questions from the neighbors. Who do we turn to for help?
Are there bathroom requirements for the number of possible renters?
A concern is that often the renters are arriving later, at night. Often going to the wrong house trying to gain entrance.
Will off street parking be required for the renters?
The ultimate concern is that there doesn't seem to be a respect for residents who have resided in Lakewood for many years.
Our particular block has been a quiet block of owners and some full-time renters for many years, always being coded a residential not business block. Businesses were not allowed on our block or in the area; is that no longer the status of our community?
Does this mean we will be rezoned for business. If an owner is collecting rental fees for the rental of their home or rooms, it then becomes a business, is there going to be a requirement for collection of taxes? It seems you are planning on collecting fees for a license to do business as a BnB. If you rent rooms in your home on a short-term basis it becomes a business as you are making a profit from these rentals.
Thank you for listening.
FYI: On our particular block, in the past year, there have been incidents where Bnb renters have tried to enter homes other than that of the specified address of the (illegal) BnB. There seemed to be confused as to what house is available.
Can you imagine setting in your home and your door is being opened or tried to be opened by people carrying suit cases when you are not expecting any visitors? There is cause for a great deal of fear. Fear that should not be happening.

Concerned, Lakewood resident since 1969,

02/21/2019 12:15 pm
Linda and Jim Neel
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