Abrusci's Temporary Parking - Long Term Temporary Use

Case: SU-18-005
The applicant is requesting a Long-Term Temporary Use (LTTU) Permit to allow for the temporary storage of vehicles in the Mixed-Use Neighborhood Suburban (M-N-S) zone district. Per section of Lakewood's Zoning Ordinance, the Planning Commission makes final decisions on LTTU applications.


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Special Use Permit Approval Criteria

Article 2 of the Lakewood Zoning Ordinance provides specific review criteria for Special Use Permits.  Each review criterion is shown below.

A.  The proposed special use is consistent with the applicable supplemental standards set forth in Article 4 of this Zoning Ordinance. 

B.  The proposed special use is consistent with the applicable dimensional and developmental standards set forth in Article 5 of this Zoning Ordinance.

C.  The proposed special use is consistent with the applicable design standards set forth in Articles 6 and 7 of this Zoning Ordinance. 

D.  The proposed special use is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and other adopted City Plans; and

E.  The proposed special use will not substantially impair the appropriate use or development of adjacent property.

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As a neighbor to this lot and development I am in support of the permit to use this lot for parking. We would love to see this dirt lot turned into an actual parking lot as soon as possible. Please consider that on busy nights the cars are parked 3/4 the length of the dirt lot from Myrtlewood Lane to Applewood Drive in two separate rows. Lots of parking is needed!
Also, please consider the headlights and noise that the homeowners on Youngfield (and the attached neighborhood as well) have to contend with on a nightly basis. Privacy trees/bushes/fences would be greatly appreciated.

03/17/2019 9:28 pm
Sarah Warne
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The Lakewood Planning Department serves as the city’s professional planning and design authority. The Lakewood City Council serves at the elected body to govern in the best interests of city residents. Each must balance the tension between civic quality of life and land development for Lakewood.

The proposed development for 2100 Youngfield Street is one of the current conundrums the city now faces. Recently a new restaurant was permitted and built on this property. At the time of permitting, the project complied with city parking requirements for a restaurant. Even though the project was in compliance it was evident from the outset that the parking was inadequate given the seating capacity of the restaurant. Now that the restaurant is open it’s even more apparent that the parking is woefully inadequate. Restaurant patrons freely park in the unpaved and open field to the south and along residential neighborhood streets. Parking in the unimproved lot to the south tracks large amounts of dirt and debris onto adjacent residential streets. Parking in the neighborhood blocks street parking for residents and frequently restricts private driveway access for nearby property owners.

To mitigate some of the parking congestion the restaurant property owner is seeking another developer to build a paved lot to the south. This developer also proposes to build 31 new townhomes on this same property. Under current Lakewood zoning ordinances this is allowed. Herein lies the conundrum. The proposed 31 townhome development is neither reasonably sized for the available buildable area of the property nor compatible with the architectural character of the adjacent neighborhood.

At a minimum, the new 31 townhomes will introduce 62 more cars into the neighborhood. The current main entrance to this development is planned for Applewood Drive. Applewood Drive, a residential street, is not designed to accommodate this additional flow of traffic. It is already known as a short cut between Youngfield Street and 20th Avenue. Any increase in traffic on Applewood Drive will only add to greater congestion and reduction in safety to the current residents. Re-directing the townhome entrance to Youngfield Street is a positive step in the right direction. Unfortunately, however, it will not ultimately solve the problem of increased impact to Applewood Drive and the surrounding neighborhood. The real solution is a lower density development of the townhouse project.

Given the current expansive Lakewood zoning the City Council must now decide if “use-by-right” is more beneficial than preserving the character of established neighborhoods. There is a balance to be struck but it is embedded in applying proven planning and design principles of context, capacity and compatibility. On behalf of the future quality of life for Lakewood and its residents I request a more thoughtful review of this project and consultation with the developer and all affected property owners.


Rodger Evans AIA, LEED AP
2055 Applewood Drive

03/17/2019 1:20 pm
Rodger Evans
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We're asking that you approve the improvement of the parking for Abrusci's. The current situation is pushing vehicles into the neighborhood to park. Parking in their undeveloped lot is messy, at best. They are a great addition to the neighborhood.

03/12/2019 12:21 pm
Richard Arndt
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Will the property owner conform to Lakewood zoning rules with respect to handicap parking spots for the new parking lot? There exist only two (2) spots in today’s configuration.

03/10/2019 2:13 pm
Bill Trubey
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Please address any safety issue for cars turning east on Mytlewood Lane while pedestrians are walking across street. This looks like a blind corner.

03/10/2019 2:10 pm
Bill Trubey
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