730 Simms Street Rezoning

Case: RZ-18-006
The request is to rezone the property located at 730 Simms Street from Commercial Regional (C-R) to Mixed-Use Residential Suburban (M-R-S) to allow for multifamily development.


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Neighborhood Meeting Summary 07-24-2018
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Rezoning Review Criteria

Recommendations and decisions regarding initial zoning and rezoning applications shall be based on the following review criteria.  Applications for initial zoning and rezoning shall be approved if it is demonstrated that:

1.  The proposed zoning or rezoning promotes the purposes of this Zoning Ordinance as stated in Section 17.1.2: and

2.  The proposed zoning and rezoning is compatible with existing surrounding land uses or the land uses envisioned in the Comprehensive Plan: and 

3.  The proposed zoning or rezoning meets at least one of the following additional criteria:

     a.  The proposed zoning or rezoning promotes implementation of the Comprehensive Plan; or

     b.  There has been a material change in the character of the neighborhood or in the City generally, such that the proposed zoning or rezoning would be in the public interest and consistent with the change. 

Comments & Feedback

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HPI/GSA-1G, LLC , owner of 740 Simms St. wishes to again register our absolute opposition to the proposed rezoning at 730 Simms St. We want it to be clear that the sponsors of the proposal have yet to contact us to discuss any aspect of their project. Since 730 Simms relies upon an easement over our property for both access and parking, we are adamantly opposed to a new use which has the potential to increase the traffic on our property and the use of the parking spaces on our property. Increased use by 730 Simms St. of our property will devalue our property.
Our property manager and representative Mr. Chris Ernst of ARES, LLC attended a neighborhood meeting on 7/24/2018 and spoke on our behalf. He asked the owner of 730 Simms St. how this would work with the shared parking and access and was told that “We will need to evaluate the parking and access as part of the development and will work with you closely.”
He went further to make it clear that this issue was of great concern for the 740 Simms ownership and was then old of ongoing discussions that had been and were being held with RTD and other City departments about proposed changes to and around our entrance onto West 8th Avenue, all without our knowledge, consent or participation.
Please know that the materials posted on this “Lakewood Speaks” website, which we have only become aware of for the FIRST TIME in recent days by reference made of same in the “PUBLIC HEARING NOTIFICATION LETTER” notice received by our office on March 13th, 2019 are in fact, the first and only materials or information provided by anyone that we have been able to review about this project to date; and those only by way of our chance notice of same on a public notice.
We are deeply concerned that such a blanket rezoning as proposed, without being tied to any time-limited approval conditioned upon execution of a specific, and clearly delineated site plan /building design-materials controls or other requirements contained therein, effectively causes a down zoning of our own property. This would represent a potentially significant degradation of value to our investment. This is not a PUD or otherwise clear-cut execution grant of rezoning use for a well thought out and delineated proposal. Instead, it is an open-ended change of use based on vague assertion of function and suitability that subjects our property to significant, material and genuine risks.
Again, at this point in time, absent having had any discussions of any kind; introductory, perfunctory, material or otherwise, with any rightful party to our easement agreement. Therefore, HPI/GSA-1G, LLC wishes to go on record stating that we do not approve of this proposed change of use from commercial office to residential use.

Thank you.


03/19/2019 1:11 pm
Michael Verruto, Member HPI/GSA-1G, LLC
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To Whom it May Concern,
This project sounds a like a good option for this property that has not been leased in 10 years. A mix of residential with some commercial use would be a good addition to the neighborhood.

I do not see that this will be low-income housing, which would be my only concern.


03/14/2019 3:33 pm
Ambereen Ebrahim
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