Vacating a Portion of the Right-of-Way for Allison Street, Zephyr and 13th Avenue


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Ordinance O-2019-6 Right of Way Vacation - Staff Memo
Ordinance O-2019-6
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I own 1235 Allison St. I do not want any part of the existing Allison St roadway removed. I would like to see the actual Allison street roadway remain the same. I do not want to see it become a one way or become more narrow. It is already a problem for me to drive to Colfax and wadsworth as it is. I have to drive West to Carr St and then go to Colfax and then go back on Colfax to get to Wadsworth and the light rail tracks prevent me from driving through Allison St to Colfax.
Also, those are nice looking trees on the east side of the Allison St roadway. I would like to see at least some of them preserved.

03/25/2019 9:59 am
William Burns
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Mayor Paul and City Council,

The Eiber Neighborhood Association has given consideration to the Economic Development Team’s request to vacate three rights of way around 13th Ave between Allison and Zephyr Sts (VA-18-004). We do not have the benefit of reviewing this in the context of a site design, so our opinion is based on a worst case scenario.

We understand what potential that this zone around the Wadsworth light rail station has for intense development in accordance with zoning regulations and the comprehensive plan. The MRU zone allows for building heights of 60’ to be built up to within 5 feet of the street. Our concern is over the impact this type of development will have on existing uses, primarily to the west, and the integrity of what remains of one of the oldest areas in our neighborhood. In fact, the recent clearing of this property resulted in the loss of a house that had qualified for historic research, but was demolished before a survey could be performed.

Two properties, 1257 and 1275 Allison St located across the street to the west are presently used as large-lot single family properties, despite being situated in a multi-family zone. These homes were both built in 1940 and were listed for a reconnaissance level survey in the Eiber Neighborhood Cultural Resource Survey published May 2018. Neither property was selected for intensive survey. Both structures are in good condition and occupied by their owners. There is some anecdotal local history associated with at least one of these sites.

We believe it would be prudent for the city to continue to exercise control over the Allison St ROW to ensure that any future development will be less of an encroachment on the properties to the west. This strip could potentially be put to use either as modest green space suitable for large trees to line the street as it does now; or to be used as street parking at the city’s discretion should future development underestimate parking needs, serving to mitigate the impact on the neighborhood, such as what has been experienced at West Line Flats (6300 W 13th Ave). We believe reserving this ROW would result in a higher quality product where it comes to its integration with the surrounding neighborhood.

The ENA does not hold an opinion regarding the other two requests to vacate in this case.

Respectfully submitted,
Paul Ditson
President – Eiber Neighborhood Assoc

03/25/2019 12:12 am
Paul Ditson
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