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Citizen-Initiated Ordinance-Limiting residential growth to no more than one (1) percent per year by implementing a permit allocation system for new dwelling units, and by requiring City Council approval of allocations for projects of forty (40) or more units


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Initiated Ordinance
Final Determination of Sufficiency Memo 08-28-2017

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The current laws related to growth in Lakewood are woefully inadequate regarding multi-unit construction. The result is that giant apartment complexes such as those built recently near Alameda Parkway and Union are counted as one single unit rather than the hundreds they should be. The result is that Lakewood is being turned into Denver, with all of the resulting congestion. Stricter growth ordinances have had positive effects in both Boulder and Golden, making those cities even more appealing without negative results. Lakewood would do well to follow their example. Thank you.

04/08/2019 11:04 am
Carl Youngblood
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The citizens followed the rules and the law to submit a petition to control growth in the city. Efforts by people within the city to block to citizens' right to vote on this matter are disgraceful. Spending $100,000 of City of Lakewood money to combat this effort is ridiculous. This citizen initiate ordinance to limit growth is modeled after the one Golden passed over 15 years ago. From the view in Lakewood, Golden looks like it's thriving and this controlled growth initiative has not hurt the city or its ability to attract and retain citizens and businesses. I believe Lakewood would also benefit from this type of approach to growth.

04/07/2019 7:26 pm
Jennifer Shay
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Count me as in favor of taking this initiative to voters.

04/04/2019 10:47 am
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