To Rezone Land Located at 730 Simms St.

The request is to rezone the property located at 730 Simms Street from Commercial Regional (C-R) to Mixed-Use Residential Suburban (M-R-S) to allow for multifamily development.


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Ordinance O-2019-20 Staff Memo
Ordinance O-2019-20
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Rezoning Review Criteria

Recommendations and decisions regarding initial zoning and rezoning applications shall be based on the following review criteria.  Applications for initial zoning and rezoning shall be approved if it is demonstrated that:

1.  The proposed zoning or rezoning promotes the purposes of this Zoning Ordinance as stated in Section 17.1.2: and

2.  The proposed zoning and rezoning is compatible with existing surrounding land uses or the land uses envisioned in the Comprehensive Plan: and 

3.  The proposed zoning or rezoning meets at least one of the following additional criteria:

     a.  The proposed zoning or rezoning promotes implementation of the Comprehensive Plan; or

     b.  There has been a material change in the character of the neighborhood or in the City generally, such that the proposed zoning or rezoning would be in the public interest and consistent with the change. 

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City zoning rules require that a rezoning request hold a neighborhood meeting. There has been no neighborhood meeting held for the current rezoning request. This fact is even referenced in your packet for tonight's meeting, "As required by the Zoning Ordinance, neighborhood meetings were held on July 24, 2018 and July 26, 2018 prior to the formal application submittal, and then a public hearing was held before the Lakewood Planning Commission on March 20, 2019. The initial zoning request was to zone the property to MG-U."
For the specific rezoning proposal before you tonight, rezoning to M-R-S, no neighborhood meeting was held. The applicant contacted and met with one adjacent neighborhood, which supports the conceptual project but makes no comment on the actual proposed zoning and all potential uses under M-R-S zoning.

05/13/2019 10:56 am
Catherine Kentner
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Good Afternoon Mayor and Councilors,
I am forwarding you a letter the Daniels Welchester Neighborhood Association submitted to the Planning Commission regarding the rezoning of the property at 730 Simms Street which you will be addressing this coming Monday May 13th.

Our neighborhood supports this project.

In addition to the city required neighborhood meeting, this developer also attended our last annual meeting and presented the project to our entire neighborhood. They actually asked for and listened to our suggestions. We have been informed as the project has progressed to this point and our input has been taken into consideration as it evolved. A vote to support this project passed unanimously.

This is high density done correctly. We applaud the developers that are repurposing existing structures instead of looking for vacant land where they can squeeze in as much as possible.

There may be a few wrinkles the city will need to work out with the additional traffic at the intersection of 8th and Simms . Staff will need to look at this as they are addressing the increased traffic along the Union/Simms corridor.

Thank you,

Diane Duffey
Daniels Welchester Neighborhood Association

05/13/2019 9:46 am
Diane Duffey
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