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Item 16 - Ordinance O-2019-40 Amending Chapter 9.80 and Section 1.16.080 of the Lakewood Municipal Code to Add Thereto Provisions Related to Rodents and Vermin, Certain Illegal Activities Constituting a Nuisance, and the Enforcement of Such Provisions

City Council
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I am in full support of ordinance O-2019-40. I believe if the owner can not take care of their property in a manor that affects the health and safety of others that the City should be able to step in to get resolution.

Thank you for your consideration.

12/08/2019 8:05 pm
Kristina Davis
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Greetings Mayor and City Council,

I’m writing in support of Ordinance O-2019-40, The Lakewood Nuisance Ordinance. Within the last couple of years there was a rat infested home that the City of Lakewood was powerless to enforce any action towards a solution. This ordinance will create a path for the property owners to work with the City to resolve the item being cited as a nuisance. If the property owner is unable or unwilling to resolve the issue being cited as a nuisance the City will have authority to resolve and / or fine the property owner.

I believe this is a great solution to continue to move Lakewood forward and should be voted on unanimously in support.

You might remember that during this rat infested home “crisis" there was a constant bombardment of criticism by a large group of people who were ‘appalled’ at the City’s inaction. Now that a solution is upon us some of those same folks are coming out against this ordinance. Their hypocrisy aside, this ordinance fills a gap in the City’s enforcement that is sorely needed.

It is my opinion that this ordinance should be passed unanimously in favor of the City having the authority to provide for the health, safety and well being of the citizens of Lakewood.

Thank you for your consideration.

Note, this is my personal opinion and does not represent the options of the TCNO nor NELA.

Charles K. Davis
790 Crescent Lane, Lakewood, CO 80214
[email protected]

Co-chair Two Creeks Neighborhood Organization
Founder Northeast Lakewood Advocates

12/08/2019 5:58 pm
Charles K. Davis
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