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In response to CCU’s lawsuit against the city regarding student housing – which has not been defended by the City of Lakewood (City Manager and City Attorney), and the judge’s ruling that the duplexes should be occupied as status quo, which in this case means that these units had not been used for student housing previously, why is our city not opposing the renting and occupying of these units by CCU students? I am concerned about the lack of action by the City Manager and the City Attorney. Who are they supposed to work for? I thought it was for the citizens of Lakewood who are responsible in the long term for hiring them. Are students already moving into these duplexes with the knowledge of the City? The City’s decision has not been reached yet. What is my City Council doing to hold the City staff accountble? I have attended CCU status meetings in the past, and what I hear from their representatives is that CCU will make excuses to get what they do or don’t want. They don’t want to build a parking garage on their main campus even though the master plan shows one, so the students park on residential streets in the neighborhood. I ask, “ Would my Council representatives be happy with that situation in front of their homes?”
August 9, 2021, 11:57 AM
Lori Niquette
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