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Item 5 - An Overview of the Department of Public Works


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I want to inquire about the plans for a sound barrier along 6th Avenue from Simms through I-70. The dust and noise coming from 6th Avenue is becoming almost unbearable. The racing that occurs on 6th ave is almost daily and at times sounds like the Indi 500. I have recorded it from my bedroom. Other times traffic sounds like a train and it travels through the neighborhoods going North to 8th Ave. A sound barrier would improve the quality of the neighborhoods as well as safety. The majority of homes along 6th Ave are also in danger of out of control vehicles coming into traffic, backyards and homes. There are sections that do not even have a guardrail. The speeds at which these racers go are a serious danger to the neighborhood. I look forward to hearing any plans or discussions.
December 1, 2021, 5:43 AM
Edward K Mullaney
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