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Item 3: OA21-0003 - Sustainable Development Standards

Case: OA21-0003
Proposed amendments to Article 13: Sustainable Development Standards of the Lakewood Zoning Ordinance


Staff Presentation


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Decision Making Criteria
  • The proposed amendments to the Zoning Ordinance are necessary based upon staff’s review and evaluation of the adopted Zoning Ordinance; and
  • Amendment of the Zoning Ordinance is consistent with and will implement the goals of the City's Comprehensive Plan; and 
  • Amendment of the Zoning Ordinance promotes the health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants of the City and the purposes of this Ordinance; and 
  • Amendment of the Zoning Ordinance is in the public interest. 

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members of the Planning Commission I am Dr Elizabeth Molin our and I'm a resident of Ward one I'm a coal trains apologist and my research focuses on energy production and consumption I'm a member of the salable Ivor part of the sustainable Neighborhood Network and the cell for a group called clean energy Lakewood about two years ago clean energy Lakewood came to the city council with a proposal for a ramp for Life program for Lakewood to help make bigger strides in the implementation over sustained ability plan we could not have Envision the outcome of the suggestion which is the program before you to that tonight. I like to congratulate a very hard work of the planning department and sustained ability division taking the ideas from the rim for Life program I'm making it appropriate for Lakewood and incorporating it into her building code they worked Tire Leslie involving stakeholders which is not always easy this program really prepared Lakewood for the future which is what sustainability really is it will help us better carry out what is set forth in the sustained ability plan made many years ago we're over this per them will incentive eyes sustainable and more environmentally friendly billing practices and it produces some Revenue which can be used to sustain the program this Revenue helps with diversification of revenue streams and resilience which like we need. becoming used for retro fits for existing read residence which then we'll make these more sustainable and will lower the energy bills for your residence. so are programs has been successfully adopted in Summit and Pitkin County already and I'm excited for Lakewood to join them and be more prepared for the future I hope you will recommend the approval of what is presented to you tonight to our city council thank you
January 5, 2022, 7:23 PM
Elizabeth Molina
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