Item 10 – Resolution 2022-4 – Sewer Fees

Resolution 2022-4 – Establishing Certain Sewer Fees For Customers Of The City Of Lakewood Sewer Utility


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Pursuant to your letter stating that the proposed estimated $.88 rate increase every 2 months would become effective on 4/22 for homes served according to sewer service map, I find that this amount to be egregious and erroneous based on your your own numbers contained in current vs proposed sewer rate comparison. It would be much more fairer to roll out any rate increases for service area(s) based on when city owned sewer lines are actually going to be replaced. And why can’t these lines be repaired using trenchless sewer pipe relining technologies? This procedure has proven to be an excellent alternative to tearing up streets, and replacing sewer lines. A combination of this technique and technology along with construction and replacement of specific problematic areas would be highly cost beneficial to both the city and us taxpayers. The cost(s) of treating wastewater does not increase that much year over year except for salaries of employees and personnel. Chemical costs have remained flat with only minimal increases due to availability of personnel to meet production goals which has normalized over the last 6 to 8 months due to pandemic. Due to the current economic (I.e. inflation) and political climate, I would ask all council members to rethink any rate increase charges in regards to these proposed sewer rate changes as there are inexpensive and more cost effective ways of implementing future funding for these utilities.
January 3, 2022, 11:38 AM
Kirk Potter
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