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Given the amount of discussion going on around Bear Creek Lake Park and water scarcity, what are tangible actions City Council plans to accomplish around water conservation in Lakewood? Are there any plans to pass Council actions around banning/limiting the use of water for lawn irrigation? Are there plans to incentivize citizens to plant more native, less water-intensive landscaping on their property and City property? Are there plans to incentivize residents to install more water efficient appliances in their homes and City buildings? The Bear Creek Lake project is an understandably controversial subject, especially for residents adjacent to the area. However, Council can’t continue sitting idly by to use water availability as a campaign issue. Lakewood can’t myopically address the demand-side piece of water consumption without drastically reassessing the conservation side as well. Many cities around the nation have implemented successful gray water programs with very little cost to the general budget. The city of Tucson has great educational tools around their program, along with other small financial incentives: Several cities in Colorado, including Golden and Denver, already have similar programs in place for residents and contractors to install laundry-to-landscape and other gray water systems: Lakewood should learn from these cities and act fast to do our part around water conservation. Gray water legalization and permitting is only a small part of conservation. Council also needs to genuinely assess limiting our use of potable water for lawns if we’re going to make any impact. The LAC Sustainability Committee has already done a ton of research around gray water systems and implementation. Please follow up on their hard work. I look forward to all of you leading the charge on this subject I know you both care deeply for.
May 9, 2022, 10:22 AM
John Claus
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