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Dear mayor Paul and City Council, My name is Dr. Elisabeth Moolenaar and I am a resident of Ward I. I am a professor of anthropology and sociology and do research on energy consumption and production. I wanted to be at the meeting tonight but am fortunate enough to travel for a vacation while you are convening. I wanted to express my support of the changes to article 13. As some of you might remember some people of Clean Energy Lakewood brought a proposal for a REMP/Core like program to City Council a few years ago. I am delighted that the LAC and the Sustainability division have taken this idea and adjusted it, through incredibly hard work, involving various stakeholders, to suit Lakewood’s needs and realities. Moreover, it has gone beyond the scope we imagined and also addresses GHG mitigation. The latter makes Lakewood a trailblazer. This amendment ensures that we will be building more sustainable and are more prepared for the future. The fee in lieu translates to helping other neighbors be more sustainable as well (e.g. income retrofits). It contributes to the impact we all have on our living environment! The plan also addresses equity as it helps to address the challenges of negative perceptions of multi-family housing. The menu of items includes a wide range of enhancements that can help a new development more appropriately connect to the surrounding land use patterns, infrastructure, and community, such as bike connections, pollinator-friendly landscapes, community accessible public spaces, etc. I’d be happy to comment further on article 13/EDM when time permits and/or think through some of the potential facets you may want to polish more. I am so very grateful for all the work of the LAC and the Sustainability Division and I hope you will all vote yes on the changes to article 13. Thank you! Elisabeth Moolenaar
June 27, 2022, 7:57 AM
Elisabeth N Moolenaar
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Good afternoon, This is Dan Stoutamire, PIO for Citizen Engagement, entering on behalf of James Mace at his request. Per Mr. Mace: City Council needs to take a look at updating the city policy in regards to shopping carts as there are many out in the community that retailers aren't picking up as intended. He has seen children and teens playing with these carts and is worried that someone will get hurt. He understood that King Soopers was going to place locks on wheels to prevent theft of carts, but still sees them out - what happened with that? He is mainly concerned about the safety implications of having carts out where children can play with them, often near roads, and would like a stronger enforcement mechanism from the city.
June 23, 2022, 4:29 PM
James Mace
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