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Item 15 - Establishing a Code of Ethics

Ordinance O-2022-9 Adopting Title 2, Chapter 2.03 of the Municipal Code of the City of Lakewood, Colorado, in Connection with Establishing a Code of Ethics


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Passing a clear and effective Code of Ethics is very important. Elected and appointed City officials voluntarily agree to serve the residents of the City, and in this public service, they agree they have a fiduciary duty to put the public interest above their private interests. The draft ethics code contains a standard provision that requires avoiding “even the appearance of a conflict.” This is actually the single most important requirement. Too much time is spent arguing over whether a specific action is, or is not, a technical violation, when the more important issue is whether residents have confidence that public officials are acting in the public interest. Once an individual loses that public confidence, they lose their ability to work effectively for the people. We all suffer at times what we feel are personal attacks and insults. It is natural to become defensive, but a Code of Ethics reminds us that public service is not about any of us as individuals. It is about putting the broader public interest above our personal interests and the absolute obligation to instill confidence in the public that we are doing so. As an appointed member of the Lakewood Advisory Commission, I fully support this Code being applied to my actions as it would to all other elected and appointed officials. The current City Council has already made great strides in bringing back greater civility and cooperation focused on policy and not personality. This Code is not an attack on anyone, rather it is an opportunity in Lakewood to set aside past disputes and grudges and start anew with clear and equal application to all. Adopting a Code of Ethics is actually a very positive and optimistic statement about not only how we should act, but also, how we can act if we remind ourselves of whom we serve. I applaud the Mayor and City Council for taking up this Code and urge it’s adoption.
June 25, 2022, 9:21 AM
Kip Kolkmeier
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