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Given the latest news about Terumo's spread of a known carcinogen throughout Ward 1, what will City Council and/or City Staff do to remedy this dire matter? It seems like an abject failure of Lakewood's zoning ordinances that Lakewood allows residential zoning to directly abut Terumo's industrial zone. I have included links below to a 9News clip on this latest discovery around Terumo. I've also included a link to the EPA website about Terumo's polluting. The EPA is holding a community meeting to learn more about ethylene oxide risks from some commercial sterilizers on October 25.
August 4, 2022, 8:04 AM
John Claus
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During the last regular meeting with the discussion on amending the SGI, Councilor Franks made an interesting proposition about making deed restricted housing stay affordable permanently instead of ending after 20 years. Her main concern seemed to be that the person holding the deed at the end of the 20 years gets to reap a very big capital gain, and remove an affordable unit out of the housing stock. I have that same concern as well. Another councilor mentioned a counter concern to doing that would be that the homeowner would not keep the property maintained to the same standard as the surrounding homes that are not deed restricted. There happens to be an organizational structure that can resolve both of these concerns at the same time called a Community Land Trust (CLT). A CLT is where a non-profit owns the land but the homeowner in a CLT owns the structure on the land. This can greatly reduce the price for owning a home without needing to participate in land speculation. The CLT is typically democratically run and sets the same type of standards that an HOA does so that an under-maintained home does not adversely affect the surrounding homes. My hope is that the city council would look into how we could promote and establish CLTs. Thanks!
July 31, 2022, 12:57 PM
Joshua Comden
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