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Item 3 - Overview of the Lakewood Reinvestment Authority, Urban Renewal, and Urban Renewal Areas

This will be the first meeting of the expanded LRA Board of Commissioners since Lakewood City Council approved the expansion in March of 2022. (Lakewood Council Resolution 2022-25.) Staff will present an overview of the Lakewood Reinvestment Authority, urban renewal processes, and urban renewal areas within Lakewood.
To watch the LRA meeting live, please use either one of the following links:
City of Lakewood Website:
Lakewood Speaks:
Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android device:  
To attend by phone: 720 707 2699
Webinar ID: 853 5668 2258


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LRA_August 15, 2022 Presentation ( 4.81 MB )

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